Arktis Thigh Rig

Anyone know if the Arktis 1727 Thigh Rig is any good? I know Arktis kit's usually pretty reliable, just wondered whether it stays put, has an attachment for your belt etc....



I say again - DON'T DO IT!

You will look like a Spam uberkommando Ranger SEAL wannabe. You will be laughed out of your unit, the stories repeated for eons, and the memories never to cease waking you up in a cold sweat.
Fair enough.

Best avoided then.
Me personally I wouldn't listen to anyone and do what you want and require, any soldier would realise if it's comfy and does you in the field then it's none of their concern, rather than calling you a walt or a Delta Force wannabe...

My opnion though is that it's more weight, and isn't it mainly for extra ammo? But can also be worn as a chest rig?

I have a few goodies at ours from my uncle in America, including leg drops, magazine holsters and dump bags and they've proven to be easier for me as an individual, but the Arktis gear does look massive and bulky and you probrably wouldn't use it....unless of course your going on a 50 mile long patrol and you can guarantee you'll be contacted a million times, then the extra ammo might be of use....but then ofcourse the leg it's on may require dragging half way through...


Arktis kit might be good stuff - but thigh pouches *ahem*!
Ok mate,

Whats the thigh holster for?. A hand gun, Magazine, dump pouch, and also what line of work are you in, i.e FP ,MP,Driver, Infantary????

Im guessing its for a hand gun, if so, you must ask your self what role and what methods of draw tech you have been trained in!

the types are, cross draw (on chest rig, but you will sacrifice mags for this) belt/hip draw (but rig can get in the way) and leg/thigh draw, the better one as it leaves you more room to monouver, how ever it will give you hip strain if using a single point drop leg, the doubles are better!

Not sure if Arktis do a good holster, try Blackhawke, but not sure if they do ones for a Browing 9mm, the CZ is a Browing replica so you might want to look into some SA products for this!


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the_matelot said:
Some thigh holsters are ok though....

So this is what is meant by a 'snatch squad'.

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