Arktis special offer

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by irlsgt, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. From the back of this months Combat & Survival

    Arktis K171 Hybrid DPM Battlevest

    £39.99 including postage!!
  2. You work for who...?
  3. I used one of these on Ops for a while. Loads of pouches but once you load all your Op ammo and everything else in there you look like a christmas tree. And the yoke part at the back kept folding in on itself and it has the worlds amount of straps. Best avoided. Build quality ain't great and i found the clips on the pouches an absolute nightmare.

    You would be better of served by a classic South African Assault Vest or something like traditional webbing.

    I got shot of my Arktis vest a couple of years ago...
  4. I had a look at that, postage is not included,it says another £7.
  5. I had an Allen belt kit from Arktis. Came undone on me in the middle of nowhere in French Guyana. Since I have kept well clear of Arktis products.
  6. so what do you use the regular french issue load carrier which has only 2 little grenade pouches & fits like a cardboard box
  7. Arktis kit used to be the best available, but I get the idea not so much now.

    It used to be all manufactured in the UK, at that time, the build quality was the best around, but now 99.9% of there gear is manufactured in China / Hong Kong and as such the build quality has gone down.

    Lots of better places to purchase from.
  8. No, nobody uses that anymore now that the FR army is all regular.

    The most common vest is the Arktis 1601 in FR CE pattern; troops deployed in A-stan are now issued with Eagle CIRAS or Paraclete systems. Other use BHI or rarer systems like Tactical Tailor.
  9. I have an Arktis jungle vest- its OK, build quality is OK, clips etc- but I don't know where they get the measurement for the drag handle- I can't get my w@nk spanner in there it's way to small.
    Leatherman pocket keeps coming open thoughas well resulting in leatherman flailing around on its lanyard - will have to get this tailored- point is I shouldn't have to.
    The back part for a camelbak doesn't hold it's shape either- I have had to make some mods just so it doesn't scrunch up all the time.

    Wouldn't buy again