Arktis smock - How big is a medium?

I've just found somewhere online selling Arktis smocks (in Danish camo) at a decent price, an since I've regretted buying my TacGear smock ever since I got it I'm seriously conseidering investing.

The only problem is the sizing....... They've sold out of large, but according to their size chart thingy medium should fit me okay. Even so I'm unwilling to fork out for the smock, have it sent all the way over here and then discover that it doesn't fit. So the question is, does anyone here have an Arktis waterproof smock in size medium that they could measure for me? Width of shoulders, chest size and sleeve length?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Can't help out on the Arktis sizing, but as an aside, what's the drama with the Tacgear smock? Was mulling over whether to get one or not since my old ripstop died, and these looked lighter than the new windproof smocks for summer...

I have an arktis smock. I weigh 11 stone and bought a small and it fits a treat, My friend bought a medium he isnt much bigger than me and its a bit big in my opinion
Voltiguer, it's the old model smock I have, it's a bit on the big size (apart from the shoulders) and it fits me like potato sack. I think they've improved the cut of the newer model, but I'd still recommend trying it on before you buy one.
Cheers for the help, got the medium size and it fits great! It's a very nice bit of kit indeed!

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