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Arktis NL Vest??

Thinking of getting one of these rigs wndering if anyone has had any experience of them. Questions floating around are do they come close to a compronmise between webbing and a chest rig????


Kit Reviewer
A mate of mine had one. Looks quite comfy, the pouches seem to be out of the way enough so that you can still get at them when prone.

There does seem to be a lot of strappage though, he had an awful lot of maskers on the back of it.

You can wear it either all done up high (aka Chest Rig) or slung low. The fact it comes with the composite belt means that you can stick extra pouches on if you really really want to.

I prefer belt kit. By horses for courses.
Cheers for the reply doesn't seem many people have had a go with the setup. Might see if i can get my hands on oe before i buy.
Cheers for the reply doesn't seem many people have had a go with the setup. Might see if i can get my hands on oe before i buy.


Kit Reviewer
Its a bit of a dark-horse... it's advertised as beltkit but really is an assualt vest.

Seem to be very popular with Booties, could be worth making some interesting new friends...
I was looking for a bargain chest rig for a fibua package a couple of years ago and stumbled across a brand new NL on ebay for silly money. For carrying ammo, grenades and water it worked a treat. There are two ammo pouches each holding 4 mags, with built-in grenade pouches on the front. The big utility pouches worked ok for water bottles but trying to get much else in there (and manage the contents properly) was a bit of a bitch. Would fit a minimi mag superbly I reckon though.

Nice and compact too. Guys with COP vests and normal webbing had to take their kit off to get through mouseholes etc but I managed to keep mine on all the while.

There are two zipper pockets which could house maps/orders but not much else (def not a 9mm) and four smaller pouches around the side/back. The smaller ones are ideal FFD/gps etc pouches but the medium sized ones look like ammo pouches - but can't fit mags and are too narrow for anything thicker than a compass. There's loads of strapping to look after too.

They probably edge over a normal chest rig for vehicle or even fibua work, but cannot match normal webbing for when you've got your ass is the grass or sustained exercises/ops where you need to carry food and section kit.

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