Arktis chest rig

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by walt_of_the_walts, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. Is the issue rig not an option ?
  2. I used one when operating from vehicles. It's not bad, I never had any problems with it, but wearing one on top of CBA made bending in the middle a bit tricky when lying down and getting up again!

    When fully packed it also made me look like been eating all the pies...


  3. I've got an issue chest rig which is quite good, but being able to drop it down a bit more would be more comfortable when dismounted and the central opening looks a bit more comfortable if I have to go prone.

    Any views on durability?

    I also get the impression from the photo that the pouches a bit too small to be useful?
  4. Can't comment on that particular one, but had the same Arktis rig for about 6 yrs now. While what I do doesn't exactly constitute good hard use, a friend of mine took it on Herrick 7. Worst thing that happened was he sprayed it desert, so now I look like a right coont when I wear it.

    Very durable, excellent for use in problems from me and my mate. Might not be everyone's up of tea, but we liked it very much.
  5. I'l give it a go. Thanks for your comments guys.
  6. Why not PLCE Webbing?
  7. Because he's using it in a wagon.
  8. Q Why not indeed.

    A. Because I'm not issued it, and getting in and out of minibuses means taking it off and stowing it somewhere in a minibus full of cadets.

    The ACF want to issue me with FAD at over £200 quid a pop, but won't issue a basic set of PLCE....
  9. Use the dashboard or the glove box then.

    You buy webbing for wearing out and about. Not for driving trucks.
  10. The dashboard and glove box is full of ginsters, as is the AI driving the wagon, there is another 2 large AIs on the front passenger seat, each wearing PLCE with 14 utility pouches on their rig. The wagon is also full of warry cadets in webtex webbing full of Haribo. I suppose there's the roof rack..?
  11. I'm willing to bet that webbing is neither cheap or necessary for the role you intend to use it for. You hardly need it for de-bussing out of a snatch and fighting unless cadet instructors do vehicle contact drills out of mini buses.

    Save your notes for the end ex p1ss up.
  12. Out of curiosity what exactly do you intend to insert into the chest rig's pouches :?

    You may find that your arms are restricted, when controlling the wheel of your venga bus :roll:
  13. It doesnt need to carry much. Cleaning kit for rifles. spare ammo, boxed or magged, some pyro, multitool, torch, compass, werthers originals and any contraband and improvised weapons confiscated from cadets. Oh, and a bloody big first aid kit for the little darlings.

    And for me, a brewkit, stove, metal mug and some water and scoff.

    Its only £39.99 and I've got an £18.00 credit note from SOF anyway, so £22 and postage.

    End ex piss up? What is this of which you speak? Cleaning kit and minibus is what we normally end up doing until darkeness falls!
  14. Buy a daysack. You're wasting your hard earned notes!