ARKTIS chest rig. offers

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by tmjns796, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. hi, i got a dpm green genuine arktis chest rig. hardley used. its got flap in the back that will take a camel back. ammo pouches for sa80 m2 mags. pistol holster. and various other pouches. adjustable waist belt, zip front, fully adjustable fitment. ideal for driving, compared to webbing, offers or pics. contact me.
  2. Why are you selling it? Are you TA?
  3. ok more info.. its a Arktis Ops Battle Vest has soft mesh that reduces 'Bergen burn'. Adjustable to use with or without body armour.
    its got...
    4 x Arktis ammo pouches
    2 x Arktis water utility pouches
    2 x FFD sized pouches
    Knife/Compass pouch
    2 x map pockets
    Internal pistol holster
    Hydration reservoir pouch on rear
    Integration with rucksacks
    2 x Comms/1727 Chest Rig attachment points
  4. no, its just not realy me. brilliant bit of kit tho. if i can get enuff fot it ill let it go. i know people love e'm.
  5. £20.00

    (and one of my lance like pubes in a matchbox)
  6. was after a bit more than 20 sorry.
  7. I'll swap you for a case of marmalade and a signed photo of Lynsey de Paul.
  8. Would it carry my stethoscope, pens and hip-flask in a busy casualty department? Will it make drunks look at me in fear and nurses drop their slime addled keks during my 2 min breaks? Do you do credit terms or student discounts. I can pay over 20 or 25 years. would you accept some pills or a freshly deceased teen (pre or post PM, the choice is yours) PM me.......

  9. i recommended them for driving cos u dont have to take the sodin thing off and on when getting in and out. compared to convetional yoke type waist pouch webbing.
    i do use various types of webbing in my job. and im not really concerned about my 'look'
    im selling the bludy webbing, because its redundant to me. o.k.?

  10. WTF?
  11. lovely as your offer sounds, i think ill give it a miss thank you.
  12. Ill have some of that, Ive a pair of brown brogues that once belonged to Patrick Mcgee of Brighton fireworks fame and a Lovat shirt with a torn collar ?
  13. It is still for sale. sensible offers only please. i dont need any sodding marmalade. or a o.d'd teenagers druggs.
    i am seriously wishing to sell my chest rig. it is in realy good condition. and i can send you pics if you want.
  14. ye that was kinda harsh from me, but i think i made my point. i would have opend a discussion post about chest riggs if i waned to discuss wearing them. i just wana sell the thing..!
  15. £30.00 joebag final offer, aside from Seat Ibizas and Bosnian women on the cusp of 35, nothing devalues quicker than mil kit