Arktis Advance Chest Rig

Arktis Advance Chest Rig is it any good ?
I had one years ago but never used it as I prefer traditional assault vests and have never got on with chest rigs.

I gave it to a friend and he likes it so must be ok? Reasonably well made and functional.

If I remember Arktis were knocking these out cheap?

Guess depends what your using it for....

saw one going cheap. it will mostly used for sitting in a c.p or loafing around a fob
Just a wee warning chaps. Normal sized chest rigs are proving too tight over the front closures on the latest Osprey. The shoulder straps need to be spaced much wider apart where they join the front of the rig.
The rig needs to be wider than normal so the straps don't pinch the back of your neck where they cross at the back then join the upper/outer corners of the front panel.
An opportunity for you, Boris; a chest rig with adjustable-width shoulder straps?
I thought you might have, it'd be interesting to see what you've come up with. I've seen the problem mentioned before (probably here somewhere) but I don't recall having seen a rig that addresses it.
saw one going cheap. it will mostly used for sitting in a c.p or loafing around a fob
Agree with Boris re. size also IIRC the clips were a little brittle? I might might be wrong?...

Also if for OPs then I guess you'll be looking at Multicam?

We too were looking to produce something similar soon as I think they'd be popular? (MC or DPM?)

Wait out.
I have to say that the latest version of the Osprey is incredibly bulky around the front.
Even compared to the early Tan Version.
I've done a 24" wide rig that was too uncomfortable around the neck where the straps cross at the back.
The same rig was fine with CBA and first edition Osprey.

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