Arkheim - Realms at War


Is anyone playing this or interested in having a go on the next server starting sometime mid January?

Basically it's another 'build and raid' game from the Travian developers but they have put a few tweaks in to attract more money players.

You pick between two races, Dwarves or Elves. The NPC are goblins and demons.

Your home town where you build all your resource and troop generators cannot be attacked so you can't lose all your time and effort to some adolescent, on-the-spectrum loser with a 'friend' in a different time zone.

The battle space takes place on four levels so in theory all the top players level up and leave the lesser players and newcomers on an even playing field. To play on the battlespace you must be part of a Realm (up to 15 players). All players in a Realm sally out from the same point so there are no problems with your account landing hours away from support. If you land next to a particularly feral German or Russian Realm you have the option to relocate.

Battle is with warlords each of whom have three troop slots with different combinations of troop type and numbers. Infantry, cavalry and artillery. Each warlord also has different capabilities and can be equipped with artifacts to enhance their combat abilities. You start with one warlord and gain access to more, up to eight, as you level up. There are quite a few different warlords to choose from and you can swap and change as you wish eg you may want to swap out a 3 x infantry to a 3 x cavalry to attack a particular target.

All battles are conducted one to one, warlord to warlord, so if you have 3 v 2 the two strongest face off, the loser retreating, the next two face off then a survivor from the first battle can fight again. It does mean very strong warlords can fight off a few weaker ones but they can be worn down eventually.

Any snowflakes who don't like attacking other players have the option of attacking NPC targets and still gaining XP and levelling up. If they're even meeker than that there is a training ground where you can battle against fellow Realm members without losing any troops but gaining XP. It's also useful for refining tactics.

Any of your troops that 'die' during battles can be reused as 'Fallen' troops battling against NPCs in a dungeon where you can gain XP and artefacts to enhance your troops. Fallen troops are used in the end game so the more troops that you have die on you is actually beneficial.

End game is essentially similar to Travian. On each level, 4 targets manned by NPCs appear at regular intervals. These can be conquered by your Realm and must be defended for as long as possible. The Realm that holds on the longest for a particular target wins, first Realm to 8 wins wins that level.

That's a very basic synopsis of the game. The tutorial is pretty comprehensive but the fun only really starts when you join a Realm and start expanding your territory and fighting. One big difference with Travian is that one can see all troop movements, friendly and enemy, number and composition so you have to be a bit craftier with attacks as there are no blind fakes and you can see what defence you are hitting and reinforcements arriving. Players from the same Realm can combine attacks, even joining an attack in progress as long as they have faster troops or troops along the route of attack.

Bit of a long one but if anyone fancies a go let me know and I'll send you an invite. There are a couple of players on the current server who have expressed a desire to have another go so hopefully we wouldn't be starting with complete beginners.

Server length is ten weeks so similar to a Travian 3x speed server. It's still good to be online but doesn't require the commitment that Travian did. No feeding troops or transferring resources.

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