Arkady Babchenko: One soldiers war in Chechnya

Any one read it and can give it approval critiscism?
I have it on order and have heard a few good things, just considering others opinons!

my old man said something about this book.

he says it can be quite gripping.

its had good reviews and i'm thinking of giving it a look
I read three quarters of it while on holiday in Hungary last Xmas but never got round to finishing it. (Wasn't my book) Definately worth a read, is written in an unusual style with each chapter dedicated to a certain memory or story, with the chapters subsequently varying in length from a couple pages to mammoth like. I found some of these longer stories a little hard going but the book on a whole gives an excellent insight on what it was like for a young Russian soldier at war in Chechnya, and the brutality faced during training and within a fighting unit.
There is one story in particular about two Russian soldiers that were kidnapped and tortured by the rebels that made particularly disturbing reading. (They were strangled with their own intestines)
Would certainly recommend.
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