Arizona Sheriff purchases British Armoured Vehicle

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Exploding_Blancmange, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. 6 wheels, 6 tons....Saracen?
  2. 6-wheeled so Ferret???
  3. Saracen, probably?
  4. Could be a Saracen or a Saladin. Six wheels and around the right weight. But a picture would get it on the button.
  5. I guess Saracen so they can fit people in the back? Saladin being mostly turret
  6. Many moons ago I think there used to be a couple of liveried Met Police saracens at the old public order training centre at Hounslow, presumably in preparation for WW3 or England winning the world cup or whatever. Don't know whatever happened to them.

    Law Enforcement AFV award goes to the spam ATF who had those liveried LAV25s at Waco.

  7. Are you including the steering and spare wheels? :roll: 8O
  8. Wah?
  9. Surely all the Sari-cans & Silly-dins have been caught by the Mil Veh enthusiasts? Mind, the US are the only country that could afford to run them on petrol. No pics but I'm sure GKN/BAe can see them off with a more modern (cr4p) vehicle from the Tactica range.....
  10. But not for just $18,000. And rereading the article and checking some details on Wikipedia, the only one of the Alvis 6 wheel family coming in at 9 tons is the Stalwart. That can't be it surely?
  11. But the piece says that they bought the other armd vehicle from another police force. That would point to the possibility that they haven't got the money to be in the market for a new wagon, only second hand. Cr4p or not, there aren't too many from the Tactica Range on the marked I wouldn't have thought.
  12. Wonder if this sherrif knows that the old 'Saracan' aint bulletproof?
  13. Quite a bit better than his 'cruiser' or pick-up, even if it isn't perfect and if irt's a Saladin, just the sight of the 76mm gun will put most civilians off standing to take an aimed shot. :roll:
  14. Ferret with a trailer?

    I'll get me coat...........