Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Cow

    Cow LE

    As long as we don't have to pay for it you can have your independence, couldn't care less!
  2. Heh. Cow, I speak as a Southern-based English taxpayer. I know whereof of what I speak....
  3. yeah cut em off and watch a 3rd world nation arise beside us
  4. Before we consider throwing away 300 years of history both sides of the border should take a step back and consider where we would have been without each other.
    Yes there should be an English Parliament and yes, the Barnett formula needs revising, but together we are, and always have been, greater than the sum of our parts.
    Any potential SNP voters should take a leaf out of Andrew O'Hagan's book.
  5. That would be O'Hagan the Irish republican, would it? Thought about it, considered it, goodbye Celtic fringe ASAP for me, thanx!
  6. No thank you, im quite happy with scotland, and GBs current state . Thankeryou very much
  7. Actually no. He is a Scottish novelist with, as far as I am aware, no links to Irish republicanism.
  8. You are clearly as traitor, one way or another!

    Braveheart - crap film but at least it had a happy ending!
  9. Oh dear. There's no chance of Independence any time soon (which is a good thing in my opinion - I like being British), but jeez - we need rid of the stagnant pool of NL sh1t numpties in place at the moment.
  10. Pipkin WTF is the point of this tripe...

    FFS get over it, you pay the bill we rack up and you get a bullish big brother glow by doing it.

    Are you stating you want rid of Scotland, and thus the United Kingdom because Scotland has given nothing to England?
  11. They're only council (or parish) elections after all. The results won't change the nation's rulers.

    Want your bins emptied every week instead of every fortnight?

    Want your streets to be free from graffiti?

    Want your roads gritted, your libraries to stay open, your bus services to run when you want them?

    In local elections it's your local councillors that need to provide the answers, not Blair, Cameron or Campbell.

    Oddly enough I have three votes tonight (It's both a parish and council election) and for the parish vote I will vote for one Labour, one Conservative and one Lib Dem candidate.


    Because they're the only ones who live in my village and have promised to stand up for it.
  12. BNP, SNP, PC, ENP(?) they're all the same. No difference between them, all cnuts the lot of them. The grass is always greener somewhere else, like outside of the UK. Everybody wants to be a victim these days and the SNP are masters of it. The rest are just bandwagon jumpers. Fcuk em! Cnuts. I'm British and I like it that way and I'll not have some small minded little fcuk telling me otherwise. That includes you AP.