Arial Ropeway........

.......i know its classic engineering, but dont see its place in the modern world....shouldnt our annual trg be better spent on another area of Cbt Engr'ing??!!
Yep .... utter w@nk.

lost count of the times we done a gin and shears at weymouth, troop comps etc ..... never used it once on ops a total and utter farce that should've been binned in the dark ages.... i can see the theory behind needing to know lashings etc etc but making a glorified adventure playground used to grip my sh1t.

"we need to cross this gap lads ..... now, if only we had several telegraph poles, a sh1t load of rope 15 aeh sets and ...... oh no here comes a tank bridge forget that."
#3 miss the point methinks......even though its a well tried and proven basic mechanical / military construction that has no effective application in the modern military world, it explains & demonstrates that when your shiny green wagon with the slick hydraulic crane to off load the latest snap together bit of kit ( no 8 man lifts here !!!) and which will also now comes complete with GPS and infra red laptop idiot guide does not arrive ( even after you use your cell phone to direct it to location), that your f***ked unless you can turn to natural materials, basic mechanical principals and the BEST combat engineer training in the world. Your basic B3 training with this kit should stimulate lateral thinking with the aim of getting the f**king job done when the plan goes pear shaped.

Not all scragg is a pot noodle or an indian...ya gotta sometimes catch it & kill IMPROVISE!

Nuff said.

REgards to all
no, not missing the point at all really, as i said i fully supported knowing the old knots and lashings, and improvisation has always been the bread and butter of sappers everywhere, it was the staged bo11ocks of it that used to wind me up .... how improvised is a lorry load of telegraph poles ??

i used to love it when the did actually get us to improvise from scratch with the stuff you had on the wagons ... i mean the fact that they had dedicated stores full of the sh1t required to make an aerial ropeway tells me that it was anything BUT improvised..... YES some good lessons learnt NO dont keep doing it ad nauseum .... make the sappers think outside the box it's what they thrive on.
I agree about thinking outside the box....but in my day (ah, there is a saying I thought I would never utter), sappers thrived on booze, fags, skin mags, booze, railway/air warrants, booze, sharing porno blue,ys, booze etc!!. Methinks that BT over here and whatever they are called sausage side would get a tad p****d off if we took our axe to the telegraph poles!!!

And the best kit to replace telegraph poles....are more telegraph poles!!! Remember the saying ......KISS!!!!!

REgards T3T
Telegraph poles grow on trees, and we gave all the gear in the G10 to modify them into telegraph poles!!! Equally we could scaffold poles

I only ever built an aerial ropeway once at Weymouth, we did stacks of other stuff too...MGB, HGB, APB (bridge and ferry), NEB, and watermanship tasks suggests to me your Training Officer was/is a kn*b.

But that said field engineering tasks build teamwork, understanding first principles breeds enginnering know how as you get to appreciated forces acting in certain ways etc.

....but more importantly in between which we watched Jumping Jimmy Thunder at the Golden Eagle, drank sh*t loads of Badger beers, had Tommies Whopper in my mouth and was sick running down the range on PT which appeared to be ten minutes after you got in!!!

Spelling test......GYN.......AERIAL
:lol: Weymouth should have a thread all of its' own, Gyn & Gyn (or Shears) as we used to do was always a good character building exercise, and added more bull to talk about afterwards in the Bar, I hope they haven't stopped teaching this classic Sapper Skill?!

Can we rename this Thread 'Weymouth, Epic Stories Here'

Will never forget the times I had there, a classic time with one of the Squadrons there was when our 'Freddie Krugerlike' nutter (but awesome bloke!) of a Staffy during first parade pointed to a swamped, minging Doss Bag hanging from a washing line outside one of the tents and bellowed out "Whose Minging Doss Bag is THAT?!!!" after several seconds of stunned silence his next line was "It's Mine, Why Didn't the rest of you have as good a night as me tossers?!!!" a couple of nights later the same Staffy put one of the Lance jacks' head through the bar wall after said L/Jack offered him out during a Cider Only Night :lol: I guess the Corps has changed in recent years?!!!
What do you mean it is outdated? I just finished my B1 and found that it was very useful!!!

We set one up to assist us with the NEB phase. We spent a whole day fooking around with it as there were only 15 of us and easc spar was a 10 man lift! I mean these things were huge. Even the instructors couldnt believe it. The prybar was almost the size of a spar aswell! I have never had such a nightmare with something so simple in my life! Added to the fact that when we had lashed it the SWR was too tight (we said it was but would they listen???) so then we had to take it down again and RElash it. Then we lifted it up and hey presto we had to take it down because the front spars were not at opposites (once again we said that surely they should oppose but apparently it doesnt matter, that is until the SNCO's arrive)
So we lowered it again, REtied it REalligned it and REraised it.

There was our Gyn ready for use on the NEB phase. Deep joy. Or so we thought.

Another BFG unit decided to do some CBT ENGR Trg and lower one of the GYN's and REraise it ready for us to use on the neb phase......

Nope they lowered it then REraised it incorrectly then left it?????? THANKS GUYS!!!

We then had to correct their mistakes by RElowering it REtieing it and REraising it only to be told............

Sack it lads we will use the cantilever method on the NEB phase....


Na i think we should keep the ariel ropeway its briliant!
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