Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 17 CDT Failures

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theoriginalphantom, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. BBC news article

    A surprising number, is this the largest number on one go?
  2. I think it could run a few others very close if its not!
    The independant recently deduced from MOD figures that we are catching a battalions worth per year, running at an average of 18 per week|
  3. It shows that CDT does work and with an average of 0.7% users in the army versus 7% in civvy street.

    This should be rolled out to cover all elected official and civil servants with a mandatory loss of pension if caught!

    This would help reduce New Liarbours majority!
  4. Test them coming back from Cancun - whose bright idea was that?

    Yes we all abhor drug use, but it's a reality. Be sensible about when you test.
  5. only test when you are sure you'll catch fewer... what a great idea. lets extend that to drink driving and not test anyone during the Christmas period as it'll 'be more sensible'

    Who would get to decide when and where is 'sensible' to test for drug abuse? Where and when do we declare illegal drug use to be OK?
  6. Agree with that, all MP's should be drug tested. But we all know that will never happen.
  7. Simple. If they don't want to get caught then they should NOT have done it.
  8. spot on lads " if they cant do the time ?" but these days its a straight discharge no Colchester time quid pro quo no real punishment and straight back to civvi street ( im assuming being in didnt bother them when the white shite was going up the nose )
  9. there was a programme on STV (ITV in Scotland) or BBC Scotland about boy soldiers using drugs and they interviewed about 10 of them from the West of Scotland and they did not understand why taking drugs was wrong.

    I was shocked that all they get was punted back to civvy street rather than a nice holday in the glass house for being a useless t!t.

    Is it me or are a large number of teenagers today too soft and too willing to duck responsibility?
  10. Maybe a lot of them do it to get out quick?
  11. onromach the last ones i heard of didnt even do glass house time! the just get rid policy isnt right they should have to do real time for it
  12. Oh that's right, the pour souls are so hard done by, that nasty nasty drug team, how dare they do their job properly, it's outrageous! Those poor lads having drugs forced down them while on the arduous task of pishing it up in Mexico.

    Surely they can appeal ?

    What say you passing bells you chod.
  13. I've been to Cancun a few times and never found it necassary to take drugs to enhance my holiday.

    Thats a really poor excuse mate.
  14. Has anyone phoned Norris McWhirter?
  15. Yes, but you had several small boys to entertain you whilst you were there.