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Impostor: Candidate Congressman poses as Falklands veteran
This is Raul Ortega Arrojo, who two days ago we published a statement from him, believing in his word. This character is not veterans and not belong to the Marine Corps in 1982. A hoax ...

"Raul Ortega Arrojo, Lieutenant Commander (RE)"Nothing more than an impostor.

We find it surprising that someone claiming to be veterans and also says it has Courage in Combat medal, could become a candidate for a political party without being corroborate his statements. From The Falklands we feel cheated, that if you want a character that appears in the standards of Veterans, and nobody knows what the Navy, may try to deceive, not only to us but to all readers.

The Social Alternative party mentions that "Lieutenant Commander (RE) Raúl Ortega Arrojo was one of the protagonists of" Operation Rosario "April 2, 1982, landed with Captain Giachino in the Reconquista of our Malvinas. As Amphibious Command, remained in combat until on 16 June 1982 day that while fighting with the 5th. Marines in Templeton and Supperhill Heights, was seriously wounded by an invading soldier. For his heroic actions, he received the Medal of Valor in Fight. "

Where have extracted this information? Unfortunately this gentleman, if his real name is Raul Ortega Arrojo, is a sham, a lie.

For further confusion, the third candidate for National Deputy Party Social Alternative Capital Federal, appears under the name Oscar Raul Ortega (LE 10,313,091), not "Arrojo" surely that name was invented to heighten further the deception, "the Falklands hero Arrojo.

Here's usurpation of titles and honors, and from this space we request that all truth, this man give us explanations and gives each one of our readers an apology.

From The Falklands always trust the word of each, and therefore published its statement. We feel cheated, that taking advantage of our good predisposition towards anyone who writes, I take in order to get votes from veterans, their families or well-born Argentines. Double fault of this man, who claims to be honest and a "courageous Falklands.

We clarified that we do not defame the political party's campaign for which there is this gentleman, but we can not leave unpunished deception, which we have been victims.

Here is his statement, which we published in good law and to believe in his word: (click the link below)

"Falklands veteran deputy candidate"

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