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Argument needs settling!

Had an argument with a mate,

In Rugby Union, when uncontested scrums are called, is the "8" allowed to pick up and go, or does the 9 have to deal with the ball.

He say No, I say Yes!
Yes, the 8 can pick and go.

(e) An uncontested scrum is the same as a normal scrum, except that the teams do not
compete for the ball, the team throwing in the ball must win it, and neither team is allowed to
deffo yes. Seen this happen at professional level.
Would probably see little value though as the oppo back row will be as un bound as they can be and will be all over the breaking no8 like a tramp on chips.
Well, they can't be "unbound", because then it wouldn't be a scrum, and a penalty. What they could be is rather liberal with their interpretation of the "bound" and be fingertips attached to the second row. Of course, "bound" means the "whole of the arm, from hand to shoulder...at or below the level of the armpit", but the laws have never really troubled a No 7....

Law 20

IRB Laws of Rugby Union 2010
Al, I actually said they would be "as unbound as they could be" i.e. not pushing so able to break off as soon as they see an 8 picking up. Hence why you'd probably not bother to try it....IMO


Yes I No 8, with the ball at his feet, can unbind, pick up and go. By unbinding neither he or the ball are in the scrummage.
However! Some smart ass no8s will pick the ball up with one hand and remain bound with the other.
As far as a 6 or 7 picking up the answer is No, unless the scrummage has wheeled and the they are then the hindmost player.
Rugby Union..... A simple game, played by simple men & refereed by intelectuals. :)
Amazed, played the game for 30 or so years and never knew this?

Still, as a player, every time the whistle blows and the ref gives his ruling I dont understand. Is that just me or every front rower in the game? :)

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