Argos the ******s

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. My mrs got me a ikkle phone for crimbo.. only a 3220 the first one I got had a fault on the screen so she took it back and exchanged it and I was happy with it.. anyways the phone crashed and with the hectic christmas we had lost the second reciept, however when they changed the handset they stated they would have to take our address and the imie for thier records so I thought cool... I went down to the Liverpool store today to have it sorted and they spun me all these yarns.. you will have to pay for repair as I have no reciept (even though it was allegedly on thier system but they wouldnt look). So I asked for a manager.. 10 minute wait this mini Mrs Adolf comes down and I start explaining .. she then demands I calm down... and I was like ???????? so I said listen Luv... with this she snapps and says "Love... Love?". slams a head office letter head on the desk and says tell it to head office.. and walks away I said "excuse meI wasnt upset or abusive".. with this she does the talk to the hand sign and buggers off...

    With this I blew me top and shouted.. "Be like that then I will make sure no one gets a phone from here for the next few days you gang of TW@'s!!!!" ... the whole shop was staring and I made my way to the door.. the security guard just goes "that was un-called for mate".. I just stared at this midget and walked past.. he never said anything else..

    What has pissed me off is I was not abusive, I didnt swear or raise my voice and this woman flips.. maybe she was on the blob?, but what gives people the right to treat people like this?.. It took her flipping me off before I ranted.

    With this I have ordered 10,000 flyers stating not to buy mobiles from argos as they are cack with thier after care.

    do you reckon I will be getting nicked for handing them out outside thier store next week?.

    thinking of opening a site what ya reckon?

    The worst thing that does it for me is I spent a two years on argos customer services in a outsourcing comopany ... so I know thier procedures inside out!. Think this didnt help me quoting them lol.

    Oh on a plus not I took the handset to O2 in central station and **** the lovely yourn assistant took my handset told me she knew the problem and guaranteed a the repair be done and my phone will be back with me within 10 days.. oh and for free too.

    By the way I do have the stuff here to reflash the handset but I didnt want to void the warranty
  2. Argos you say? Do you drive a tricked out Nova, wear a shell suit and own a large snarling dog? You know whats coming next.......

  3. lol... it was a prezzie indirectly off my 9 year old daughter lol... she couldnt afford carphone warhouse prices you meanie
  4. look down
  5. lol... nice one kingo :)
  6. Learn The "Sale of goods act 1979" off by heart. Then whenever somebody will not refund or replace something you have bought from them. Hit them with it. They will always get the manager or give in and sort you out as most managers realise that they personally are breaking the Law if they dont!

    Read the 6th bullet point!!!
  7. Nice find mate. I notice a distinct lack of saying that the "Sale of goods act 1979" is void if there is no receipt. :D
  8. lol... they have it on thier records and as it was bought on a card I can show proof of purchase lol
  9. While laws concerning sale of goods date back 100 years, the only phrase you need to memorise is 'The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended)'.

    The 'as amended' is important because it refers to laws which have extended the basic 1979 Act and using the phrase tells the trader that not only do you know basic consumer law, you know it has been amended too.

    The Sale of Goods Acts lay down several conditions that all goods sold by a trader must meet. The goods must be:

    of satisfactory quality

    as described

    fit for purpose
    'Satisfactory quality' covers minor and cosmetic defects as well as substantial problems. It also means that products must last a reasonable time. But it does not give you any rights if a fault was obvious or pointed out to you at point of sale.

    'As described' refers to any advertisement or verbal description made by the trader.

    'Fit for purpose' covers not only the obvious purpose of an item but any purpose you queried and were given assurances about by the trader.
  10. Thankyou for speaking so i didnt have to! If it went to court (Small claims) they would lose rapidly!

    If you get anymore drama about it off them stop off at St Anne's street nick and ask them for a copy of the said act! Leave out the bit about you gobbing off though. You should have just left.

    However you little flyer idea is perfectly legal because thats your interpretation of the Argos after sale care!!!
  11. Similar problem.... Due to lack of shops up in northern scotland, I unwittingly ordered a new washing machine from Argos. Despite paying online with credit card, I hadn't received an order number from them. Having discovered Hydro Electric have a shop, I cancelled the order with Argos and asked for the funds to be transferred back onto my card. This was on December 8th and I'm still waiting!!!

    I've had three phone calls trying to deliver the washing machine, where I have repeated the same conversation and story in each case! Stroppy call centre staff don't help either! :?
  12. You should have part exd it for some hoop ear rings.
    Oh yeah, and shot the manageress in the face with a sawnoff full of 2p pieces.
  13. I Managed to get a refund from Orange once , By threatning to Busk outside their shop until they coughed up.
  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Except when dealing with the manager of a large branch of Tesco in Portsmouth when the manager informs you "Tesco disagree with the Sale Of Goods Act and we have our own policy, our lawyers regulary discuss it with trading standards."

    Portsmouth trading standards refused and help or advise as it is not their responsibility to enforce trading legislation....apparently.
  15. Simple solution - call your credit card and claim a refund that way.