Argies upset at Typhoon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Legs, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. I've not seen it here yet, apologies if I'm repeating old news...

    The Argies are upset that the RAF have based 4 Typhoons on the Falklands. I thought that the Falklands were British and, aside from the odd invasion, nothing to do with Argentina. The answer should surely be "tough shit".

    Sorry, it's from The Sun
  2. Would they be happier if we withdrew our forces and just left a small RM NP?

    Fcuk 'em.

    Tornado is out, Typhoon is in. And the Argies need to understand that we will update the defences to OUR territory as we see fit.
  3. BBC:
  4. I would imagine a single Typhoon could dick the entire Argie AF, what's left of it.
  5. Bless 'em...your heart bleeds don't it :D
  6. You'd think they would have taken the hint back in 82 wouldn't you?
  7. Did we whinge when they replaced ARA General Belgrano?
  8. What a great way to try out our shiny new toys!
  9. You'd have to think they'd take a serious humping if they tried again, how many AMRAAMs does a Typhoon carry? Aren't the argies still in Mirages and Skyhawks?
  11. A few upgrades, but largely utter trash:
  12. i like the tornado F3 looks menacing.

    on topic: screw what they think, there our islands can do what we want on them.

  13. fcuk knows what i did with that double post there LOL. Yeah, looking at that list parapauk, they have 57 slightly upgraded 3rd generation attack/fighter jets, and 36 Pucaras, nothing the Crabs couldn't handle it appears! Wouldn't those Pucaras just be flying deathtraps in this day & age?
  14. The Pucaras couldn't get to the Falkands and back - now as with last time you'd need to capture an airstrip on the island to use them.
  15. According to Wiki they have 7x SU-29, which is no slouch. Easily a match for Tornado, AIUI.