Argies show that that they are 'current' with world business affairs...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. Not sure why, but BP have sent some sort of letter to Argentina regarding their intentions (or lack of) in the Falklands area...

    These numpties obviously haven't realised that BP ceased to be a British Petroleum some time ago!!!!

    'El, Presendente. We have won a great victory against the British. Their British Petroleum company, biggest petrol station in Britain say 'no, we wont go to Falklands and pump oil'. It is great victory, a British company giving us tacit 'ownership' status. Viva el presendente... and eva peron.

    more here Argentina 'satisfied' by BP's Falklands rejection letter - Telegraph

    Not sure how the Argies think they'll stop the Falklanders themselves from exploiting their own lands wealth mind...
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  2. So one oil company has said they won't explore for oil in the FI. Could that be something to do with the 3 other companies already down there already?
  3. Argentinians: Like Dagos only stupider.
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  4. No, it is a great victory for Argentina. Viva Las Malvinas!

  5. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Loving the FIH chairman's quote at the end.
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  6. How much woud it cost to mail a letter from FI to Argentina?
  7. And would they have to go to the airport in person to certify that the lead content of the ink was below acceptable levels before the letter was released by Argie customs?
  8. The Argies are engaged in a propaganda war, much of which is for the benefit of the uneducated huddled masses in Argentina and other third world holes, in which the likes of Sean Penn are widely represented.
  9. Beat me to that ... and that will really put off many major organisations investing in Argentina .... a one off gain of control for the State like this may have traumatic consequences in the medium and long term for the population .
  10. That's no way to talk about Los Angeles...then again, on second thoughts...
  11. If the rumours are true,Borders and Southern have discovered another huge oil field off the Northern side of the FI.
    That should really upset Mrs KFC.
  12. There was an interesting article in The Times last Saturday detailing dramatic increases in Share Prices for UK Companies involved in oil exploration around the Falklands … small extract …

    Funny old world isn’t it .