Argies might invade Falklands again.

Sieze the airfield with special forces troops hidden in civilian aircraft?

Have the Argentinians have given that plan the code name "Operation Certain Death"?
Can I have some of what he's drinking?

As far as I can tell, we've not changed the defence of the islands at all since the Argies started being extra arsey (although they're trying to say that we have); we've still got the same number of infantry, one ship and four typhoons just like we've always had.

But prepare for 50 pages of utter bollocks nonetheless...
are the Argies SF up to the task ?
They get a lot of US training in various US schools, Ranger School, School Of The Americas etc etc but they have had a serious brain drain since the US PMC's came along and started offering better money.

Cue another 20+ page thread of same stuff being repeated and debated, over and over again. Maybe the Argies should just do it, for the hell of it, just to get this of ARRSErs' systems.
Is it just me or has the headline to that article got nothing to do with what he said?
I mean even cold war TA could defeat the plan that entails sweeping onto an airfield in an airliner you might get a couple of lads out but a GPMG would mallet the rest and or set the airliner alight.
a c130 makes a slightly better idea but only slightly the tactical assualt by C130 is fun to do ands great training but against anybody more competant than the acf is suicide.
possibly if the entire mount pleasant airbase is rendered drunk not beyond the possibility :)
but otherwise its a non starter.
wibble we need aircraft carriers harrier Sharky on a flying unicorn with princess di etc etc.


With HMS Dauntless in the area, and no doubt an Astute class sub in the vicinity the Argies have **** all chance of succeeding.

Failing that, we'll just have to wheel out PRT in his wheelchair and airdrop him somewhere close.
Please pass the mess Webley.

OK we've not upped numbers in years but we have better our capability (Eurofighter replacing Tornado in 2009, and T45 on deployment instead of a crappy T23 usually there). That's it.

Argentina is broke and screwed. KFC's rants for rabble rousing is to get votes.

Do we honestly think even the Rock Apes/Crab and other bods wouldn't be able to target the doors of a civy plane in the (at least) 15 minutes warning they would get before it landed. There are no commercial flights that go near the islands!

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