Argie's Falklands commemorative coin

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. One coin is worth about 25p. Get four and you own Argentina
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  2. Now that is funny. They are just reminding themselves that they (to coin a yank phrase) got a massive ass whooping.
  3. Simply stunning value for money. A really good joke like that normally costs a lot more than one worthless coin!!

    They should maybe look at the true cost of their little adventure in '82 and maybe drop the idea of commemorating it altogether. Ass whooping don't even come close. If most of them hadn't put up their hands when they saw a whole bunch of Royal Marines coming towards them it would have cost them a whole lot more too.

    That's what happens when you have a woman run the country who isn't Maggie !! The whole country starts to believe it's own crap propaganda.
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  4. It's surprising there was a no pitch in that news item for collector proof sets available from the Argentine Mint, etc. Special collector packets of postage stamps to follow, some featuring the GENERAL BELGRANO.

    I will remind readers the BELGRANO began life as USS PHOENIX and was a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbo(u)r then ill advisedly sold to Argentina. At very least we can take comfort in knowing the RN prevented her eventually being broken up for car bumpers and razor blades.
  5. Well frankly I'm shocked.

    I thought their coin would feature a very large white flag.
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  6. Or a pair of raised hands
  7. Does the coin have 'tails' on both sides?
  8. Let the fucking dagos mint commeritive coins with the logo of raised hands on a white flag on one side and we surrender on the other
  9. Will they do a 'We lost the Malvinas' coin as well?

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  10. no but i hear they are planing a we wont stop whinging over the ******** I refuse to use the M word I say to the argie nation as a whole GET OVER IT YOU WHINGING ARGIE CUNTS YOU FUCKING LOST
  11. Commemorative coin? OK then;

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  12. If you throw these coins into a well... do they grant luck?
  13. yeh if you are called galteri its all bad
  14. That would imply they were theirs to lose in the first place.