Argies Commando (601 Coy) Camouflage Windbreaker

Falklands Invasion 24 years today, God Save THe Queen. 74 days later to return to sovereignty,
apprecciation to the lads who went down to take it back.

that is typical cheap market tat! the ones that usually sell fake genuine military 'cammo'

argentinian dpm was US style for those who had it, or just plain OG.
Hello there
regarding the jacket, as far as I know it is a fake, or at least a non-issue item (Gucci Kit I think you call it).
On the other hand, while from a long distance the 601 Cdo Coy uniforms could have been mistaken for US BDUs or junglies (and some lads could perhaps have been wearing those, the US uniforms being a sort of Gucci kit -laugh my arse off with the term, witty indeed-), they were actually a sort of woodland pattern (not M1967/ERDL and not M81), printed on heavy Nylon/Cotton twill or sateen (sort of windfroof, if not by design by th sheer weight of the fabric). But, as black maskers said, most of the issued gear was plain Olive Green.
Camouflage uniforms were not common in the Argentine Military until the 1990s, save for the Marine Corps. After the 1982, the Marines started using a woodland-esque uniform, which still shows up from time to time in surplus stores. A fried of mine still has a set, and although woodland is the current uniform still uses them when we go on drills (we reserves are de facto allowed to wear almost anything as long as it is green, brown and black... the only upside of being issued no kit whatsoever.. I get by wearing a DPM MVP jacket -cheaper and lighter than the ECWCS I am suppoused to wear- so go figure).
For you collectors/traders out there, beware of most Argie vendors on Ebay, they are a dirty bunch, and will usually sell fakes (drop me a PM if in doubt about an item). As for this french guy, I can not say. I usually exchange badges, caps, etc with other servicemen and collectors from around the world, and a lot of guys have been victims of these scoundrels.
Escape-from-PPRuNe said:
But why, why, why would anyone want anything argie other than beef, a new striker or at a pinch a bird who can tango?
Hello Escape-from-PPrune
Hehe... yup, gear usually sucks (boots are good, though, and we make a decent version of the Fairbairn Knife at the Zarate Arsenal... full auto FALs are not that bad, although I don't see them up for sale on ebay... try a dark alley, or just bribe an official...)
Regarding beef, I have to agree (although I like English cooking too, it ain't as bad as everyone says...)
Regarding a new striker, most of our players are nothing but a bunch of spoiled junglies, that may (or may not) be somewhat decent at footie, but usually embarrass us (the somewhat literate argies) with their attitude (bloody maradona, ortega, and the bunch, for that matter)... if you wanna have all of our strikers, I would trade them for Liz Hurley, some of your FA2 Harriers, LPH/CVS, two Type 42 DDGs and four pints of beer... would even throw in a couple of goalies as well... deal?
Re: Girls (I assume the bird thing is that)... yup, really good girls round here, although no one cares about tango but tourists... probably they know more their coldplay, U2 or James Blunt CD's than tango.
Now the serious bits
I know of a few guys at UNFICYP that traded insignia and other stuff with your guys... as a matter of fact last sunday a buddy of mine returned from Cyprus... I will ask him what he's brought home and what did he gave in exchange...
Anyway, if you wanna trade the strikers for Liz Hurley and the said assets, just let me know
PS: If you like beef, you should really come over... beef is so ridiculously cheap in GBP terms taht you might pay for the ticket in just two-weeks of meals over here...
I believe that the 'Argie' boots were pretty good.

Read at the time that Brit issue boots cost £10 to make, but if they made them as good as the Argie boots they would cost £50.
naguere said:
I believe that the 'Argie' boots were pretty good.

Read at the time that Brit issue boots cost £10 to make, but if they made them as good as the Argie boots they would cost £50.
Well, naguere, the boots we had then did not use the DMS sole, but an old fashioned sawn/screwed/glued sole

Heavy as hell, but if properly taken care of (meaning polishing a bit, and greasing the seams and the sole sides) would last a lifetime

Vibram soles were good too... almost indestructible

(wish I hadn't parted with a pair of those a few years ago...)



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