Argies abandon siezed vessel.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biscuits_Brown, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. Seves the Argies right for deciding not to pay back any of their many creditors :p

    As an aside, freaky 'Photo of the Week' next to it. New fetish in hot places?
  2. [​IMG]

    Nothing to worry about, it's just part of a vegetarian festival.
  3. Please please lets buy and rename her the Maggie T.
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  4. I am willing to contribute upwards of forty of my English Pounds to go towards purchase and upkeep of the ARRSE Ship, A.S. Schadenfreude.
  5. Typical.

    They get upset about fuel being withheld from a... sailing ship.
  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Huge sigh of relief as maritime threat to FI is reduced.

    Hope 'vulture funds' sue to impound the money to be used for the crew's air tickets & keep. Must be some Arg money in a bank somewhere for this.
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  7. Clearly Argentina should send another vessel to collect the crew, which should also be impounded. :)
  8. Woll the Argentinians be putting in a tender to send a team of scrapppies to remove it?
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  9. The vulture funds are pretty ****ing dubious when argentina went bankrupt this fund brought up debt and then when the creditors admitted argentina had gone down the drain and could never repay its loans.
    So did a deal these tossers decided to "hold out" for the full amount betting that everybody else would get sick of there game playing and sort the mess out then decide to come back later acting all angry. they got themselves banned from using uk courts.

    but its argentina the falklands islands goverement should buy it and moor it in stanley harbour :)
  10. The presidential plane ( yes , they have one despite being the biggest debtor nation ever ) is not used on foreign trips in case the same thing happens , as the creditors are tracking it too .
    What no Argie newspaper is pointing out is that the debt spiral started with the huge re-armament programme of the late 70's under the military , which ultimately led to their failed conquest of the FI .
    In the meantime , their ARRSE of a foreign secretary is trying to negotiate the release in the UN ( where no one cares ) whilst also continuing his tedious monologues about the islands to the de- colonization committe in the room next door .
    What a bunch of utter twonks .
  11. Hard to believe now, but 100 years ago, Argentina was the 8th richest country on Earth.
  12. We should offer them a few rowboats and let em do a highly impressive impression of a Shackleton-esque escape
  13. And still would be if it weren't run by the Argentine branch of the Soprano family .