Argie olympic hopefull pisses of Falklanders again..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, May 3, 2012.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Couldn't find this posted anywhere else on ARRSE,It seems an Argie Olympian has pissed off the locals by appearing in a telly advert & is shown running over the Stanley war memorial & ends with the tagline “To compete on English soil, we train on Argentine soil”.

    Fury as Argies shoot Olympic vid on Falklands war memorial | The Sun |News

    Apologies,it's the Sun..

  2. Let the cunt go running around Fox Bay - hopefully he'll step on one of his own mines.
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  3. Argies should consider themselves lucky:

    The 1914 Falklands battle ended with 10 British dead versus 1,871 dead boxheads and four sunken cruisers.

    In 1982 the Arge got away with just 383 drowned rats, and one sunken cruiser.
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  4. Wait until he loses his race and send a vid back saying "Once again an Argy fails to capture his objective on British soil."
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  5. The point is, with all his training on "Argentine soil" will he be a loser. You know, like the rest of his nation?
  6. Typical Argies... train in Argentina and still lose on British soil, with only them in the fcuking race!

    Didn't they make a footyball strip a political granstand too? With pictures of the Islands on their chests?

    If the can't behave then they should be banned from taking part in competitions... and this cnut should be turned around at heathrow for inciting hatred or something. Or maybe Simon Weston could be there to stamp his passport. Let the little cnut realise what a 'war' actually means, perhaps he'll go back to Argenina and spread the word to stop being pr1cks.
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  7. PS anyone else hoping the Argie Hockey team gets its arrse handed to them by the british team?

    Dear Jim, please fix it for the Argie Hockey team to meet the British team in the Olympics.
  8. Its a good job the Argie shit spics didn't qualify for the footy tournament.. that's one game they would have stuffed us at!..aghh well.
  9. Zylberberg?

    Dosn't sound very spictastic, does it? Another of the Herren?
  10. It is just another smoke screen by the Argies.

    My sister lives in Argentina and says the new president is ripping off everyone, the politicians are pocketing millions. The country has 30% inflation, the workers are being paid over the odds to keep them sweet. The Govt are 'taking over' foreign comanies because they think they can do better but are loosing money and foreign investment hand over fist........

    So, another smoke screen to try to cover the ineptitude of those 'running' the country. Give it a year and the country will be bankrupt, again.
  11. Can someone actually make a spoof video with the tag lines in the earlier posts. I would love to see the Argies reactions.
  12. 30 years ago their government needed a huge big fcuk off smokescreen... let's hope it doesn't get that out of hand again. We'll win, naturally, but the human cost is too great.

    Ask the crew of the ARA General Belgrano.
  13. He's wearing tights the poof. I'd be more impressed by the music if he wasn't such a piss-poor specimen.
  14. Any chance of a British ad showing our athletes dancing, in Buenos Aries, on the graves of Argentines killed in the Falklands?

    Probably not, but then - despite one's political views - we're not a crackpot little country with a desparately jingoistic excuse of a president willing to do anything (apart from taking on Britain militarily) to get re-elected.
  15. We wouldn't do that. We are British and tht sort of thing is more suited to those with dubious morals and shallow gene pools. AKA Non-British or 'foreigners'.

    There is enough hardware sat on 'Fortress Falklands' to deter the Argie forces, and even the prez of Argie land is mental enough (yet) to risk it all. sean penn not withstanding...

    Incidentally, I mentioned ages ago that the Argentine had (and you can't knock them) sent a Air Force field hospital which has become one of the only hospitals in Haiti. Has this hospital got anything to do with pennis (Haitis 'ambassador at large) siding iwththe Argentines? Anything come out about that?