Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by TomSmytheUK, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Ok so im enlisting next week.. I recieved a letter through the door from my careers office today asking my dad to sign my enlisting paper and somone from a certain occupation e.g a doctor or a lawyer etc. I recently fell out with my dad and he is now refusing to sign it. I know his signiture. Shall i just forge it? If I dont hurry I will loose my place!
  2. I wouldn't.

    You'll be out on your ear when the army find out. Especially when your Dad comes storming down to the gates, or refuses to let you go.
  3. Make it up with your dad, tell him you're sorry, he's right and you're wrong, then get him to sign it.
    Tell him you want to make him proud of you.

    Yeh yeh, it may well all be b0llocks, thats not the point, if you want to make it in this life you need to learn which buttons to press in order to manipulate people. This is especially true as regards women and in particular, getting them to let you stick your widgie in them.

    Good luck
  4. Got to agree here with the above. It is a useful skill in the Army to be able to grovel convincingly. You do not want to miss your slot at AFC-it is a great place!!
  5. Best advice from the all the post's above, learn to fight only the small battles you need to, save your strength for the big ones, because you will need it as you get older
  6. Tom, I hope your aware the good people from the MoD also visit this site, and may do a check on a Tom heading to 'AFC Harrogate September 07'...

    Dont risk it :p
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    So what has your dad got to hide? Sound suspect ti me.......
  8. First thing - do not forge it because it will go down as a false attestation or defect on enlistment and hence you will end out on your ear.

    Also speak to your ACIO / recruiter - let them know there is a problem becuase you will not be the first to have been in this position and I suspect you will not be last. There may be way through this that even the great minds on 'arrse' are not aware of. Find out was the last safe moment is to get this letter back signed - this will give you a time frame to work things out.

    I think the message is clear, make it up with your old fella and get him on side. However if you have a decent amount of time to play do not rock up to him and offer to buy him a pint only if he signs the papers.
  9. get your mum to sign it.
  10. And once he has signed and you have sent the form off, you can then tell him to Fcuk off out of your life forever as you are going to be a steely eyed bringer of death.

    Or of course you could buy him a pint and find out what you did to piss him off in the first place?