ARGH my eyes

Yea, the white top doesn't suit the outfit!
wheres a sky marshal when you need one


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Jesus fucking christ. Have you seen that carpet.
Wots all the fuss about?
Excuse me, but I'm just off to bleach my eyeballs...


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Imagine Him at Luton . Stanstead Gatwick Etc , Q Sir did you pack your own bag A yes
Q Sir Did Anyone ask you to carry items aboard the flight for them. A. No
Q Sir did you dress yourself today A. yes I did
Q Sir And how long have you been a Royal Marine Walt.
This blokes pictures have been doing the rounds for a while now, he is well known for it
now you mention it I think I may have seen him on an airport program but not put 2&2 toghter

I see the years haven't been kind to Jeremy Spake
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