Argh! Me shins!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by curryhead, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. I try to run at least 4 times for the week. I'm making the 1.5 mile in 10:20 and steadily dropping my time.

    Except yesterday my damned shins basically cramped up on me. I wasn't even running all that fast.
    The bone doesn't hurt, but the muscle that runs along the shin is really hard. I have fairly new Reebok running shoes.
    Anyone have an idead of what I'm doing wrong?? :(
  2. You have shin splints and that could be bad - you need to be careful

    There is a thread on this in health and fitness with good advice - try and do a search for it...

    I'll take a look as well.
  3. will do
  4. How long have you been running (are you in green, or wanting to be in green). If you havn't been runnnig long, then just ease back and give your shins a chance to catch up, if your a regular runner then cut back a bit and see what happend, if it persists then see the doc. Buy a pair of sorbathane insoles for said running shoes, all the people i know who suffered said these wheer a god send!

  5. Try to do some cycling and get on a rowing machine, will improve your CV fitness without the repeated bashing of your shins, if you must run avoid metalled roads, a treadmill also has less impact on the lower limbs. Avoid trying to run through the pain as your shin splints will only get worse.
  6. Curryhead

    This is the thread with good advice

    Shin Splints

    If you just bought your new trainers you could have done the damage in the old ones...
  7. If you are sure it's not shin splints, which feels like the bone is cracking up, and it feels muscular then you need to stretch out that muscle group on the front of the shin, since it doesn't sound all that flexible, maybe it's the new trainers not giving your ankle the full range of motion, thereby meaning your shin muscles are being aggrivated further.

    Have a look here
  8. I'm a newbie at running, been at it for 2 months. Comming up to England at the end of April to report to the ACFO(?) and continue with my application. I'll check the local pharmacy for the insoles.

    Thanks for the link LostBoss!

    The bone doesn't hurt at all. Whilest doing a grandfatherly 2.5m/s on the threadmill all is fine. Anything above 4m/s then the pain slooowly builds in the muscle and it's a bit swolen after 10 mins of that. I'll stretch it some more and give it a bit of rest.

    Cheers :D
  9. i know what shin splints are like and they hurt like mad you need rest and recover
    other wise it get lot worse try cv gym stuff the guys have said and swimming to i swimming now at least half mile 2 to 3 times aweekk while the old shins recover it frustrating but will take time
  10. Curryhead,

    The muscle at the front of your shin is the most used muscle during running. There are several ways in which you can develop and stretch this muscle from the comfort of your favourite chair!

    Try this - sit on your chair and slowly point your toes, then slowly and deliberately place your feet flat on the floor and then try to ,again slowly, touch your shins with your toes (dorsiflexion).

    Repeat as necessary.

    Also ensure you are fully hydrated at all times as dehydration is a major factor in cramp and muscle performance.

    Finally go to a decent sports shop (like the sweat shop in Reading) where the staff are usuall atheletes and can advise you on your choice of trainers. This will depend on whether you pronate or supernate when you run (inside or outside of foot).

    Keep training and good luck!!
  11. Curryhead, if the pain is persistent and bad, best to pop along to your GP for advice too, one thing to watch out for is a thing called compartment syndrome, inflammation can put pressure on nerves and blood vessels and cause problems, pretty much a worse case scenario but something to watch out for if you over train on an injury.
  12. sounds like it could be compartment syndrome, idi go see a physio/sports therapist! good luck!