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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. This might have already been covered, but driving regs appear to have changed yet again. The main bits being:

    1. Start of (civilian) working day is now deemed to be the start of the day, so drivers need to end their driving 15??? hours from this time

    2. Green fleet needs two drivers with the correct driving quals to drive a wagon out the gate. Only having 1 minibus driver (per wagon) is ok but 2 is desirable.

    Is any of this online? Working me way through driving quals seems to be a lot harder than MENSA soduko.

    p.s. Don't start me on the lack of formal driving courses for TA, i.e. where is our Leconfield?
  2. ERRRR That would be 5 Trg Regt at Grantham mate but good luck getting any one on a course that isnt RLC "National" TA as they take "priority" aparently even The independant units are finding hard to get people on courses there my main problem with my troop at the minute is B+E courses its enough to make you want to support Man City
  3. Did my C+E there but they just supplied facilities (e.g. bed, food, etc), driver training was supplied by a civvie firm. My Cat C was supplied by a TA RLC trained instructor who was again employed by a civvie firm.

    Seems barking we have the resources but they aren't being properly managed
  4. msr

    msr LE

    And just watch the rising panic as TA Gunners realise the implications of binning RB44 (non HGV license) and replacing with DAF (HGV license)...

    Oh, and "Officers are not allowed to drive".

  5. how long does a basic LR familiarisation, for a GS LR, course takes these days? 1 to 2 weeks? can they be done in house? only if you can get the suitable instructor who is willing, how hard is that? very, then can we get our own people trained? yes, but try to get them on a relevant course - impossible
  6. If that's true then my lot are never leaving barracks again. We always struggle to get enough HGV qualified people in for one per vehicle, let alone two !
  7. I despair. We seem to have a number of people in the organisation who have set themselves the task of making sure we cannot work effectively - or indeed at all....

    Doubtless they will have it all hidden under a blanket of H&S clouded with an over interpretation of an EU Directive ?
  8. There is spare allocation at 5 Training Regt RLC, Grantham. Most independent RLC regiments do their training in house.

    Two weeks ago my unit was informed of Grantham not rceiving enough bids !

    Getting people qualified for a minibus seems to be our biggest problem ! :frustrated:
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Do you have the reference for this?

  10. AIUI the problem with officers driving is that even in the Fd Hosps with a full colonel at CO the CO would not be sufficiently senior to deal with relatively minor issues becasue the way the rules work would require something to be done a 1* level.

    that said there was talk of this having to be changed 5 or so years ago due to the issues surrounding D1 licences and minibuses ...

    in terms of the RB44 vs Daf issue it's an issue for pre 96 full icence holders with freebie C1 post 96 licence holders shouldn't be driving either as the rb 44 is over 3.5 tonne
  11. If this is the case and noting that a. Officers are not allowed to drive and b. personnel are not allowed in the back of BOWMANised LRs - how does a Coy/Sqn/Bty Comd recce group (say two TUM FFRs) actually leave camp with the OC?
  12. Ha ha! You don't actually think we'll take any notice of that do you?!
  13. MT - I'm beginning to believe their writing the prototype rules for the EU or their taking EU regs to the letter.

    p.s. I've not seen any driving rules on paper for years, despite the fact I've asked for them
  14. Our politicaly correct MOD could, if they realy wanted to, apply to the EU for dispensation to many of the stupid rules and regs that are implemented. However, they are all shit scared of the Health and Safety issues that we, the military drivers flaunt (to get the job done) whilst on duty. Stand by for tachographs and the requirement for all HGV/PCV drivers to be CPC trained!! Life would be a lot easier for us if the TA were given better driver training facilities, as in house training for non RLC units is not easy due to lack of qualified instructors and the lack of intrest from the higher echelons who do not see the MT's as important....until they cant go anywhere...then its the MTWO's fault! I have been told that DST have been approached to cost and develop TA specific driver training for ALL TA units, and not just the RLC There could be a soloution in the not too distant future......or am I dreaming?
  15. Or a any unit, if the two seats at the front are occupied with qualified drivers (in hours of course), no one is able to travel in the back without seatbelts.

    Where would officers, drivers out of hours, troops waiting for that cat of licence travel other than the minibus which can't go off the hard standing?