Argh! BBC 606

Wrong site for this but ... how do you create a new topic on that website. I've worked in IT for 17 years but can't find out how to do it. I can reply to posts but not start a new topic.

All I want to ask, is their a website that doesn't charge £93+ for sending 3 generations of my family to Leeds vrs Forest game (the site I've found - LUAFC official - seems to have been set up by premier league money grabbers)
Doesn't Leeds like every other big team (Ha!) palm ticket sales off to a third party now?
I believe TicketMaster has this sort of thing sewn up now.. Bast**rds

I used to be season Ticket Holder at Leeds but working weekends put an end to that!!
Luckily I have a mate who lets me use his now and again :D

Leeds Leeds Leeds

Leeds aren't on Ticketmaster. I'll try again when they are on general sale. Bloomin annoying though, wanted to get into Family Stand as my Dads a Forest fan and thats members only. Should be able to use membership from other clubs to get into family (safe?) areas

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