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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tiger4life, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. I am hoping someone will give me some help. I serve in the TA but would be intrested in going full time HOWEVER i really cannot be arsed to fillout all those forms again! can i just ask to do the selection process minus the paper work as they have it all on file.
    This to me would seem logical as it saves them the hassle of having to process all that crap again, but i suspect that common sense will not prevail! am i right or wrong?
  2. SO let me get this straight, you want to apply for a job but "really cannot be arsed to fillout all those forms again!"

    How long have you been a stab ?
  3. Good attitude if anything.
  4. You've certainly failed the attitude test.
  5. I am sure if you ask nicely, your recruiting officer will fill them in for you ;)
  6. If you cant be arrsed then why should we be arrsed to help?

    EDIT: just realised this was posted in the NAAFI. :roll:

    Poor wah? or a Mong?
  7. About a year or so, when you put it like that it could seem crazy however it seems crazy to have to give all the same information again! to the same employer!
    so i assume that i am going to have to fill it all out again woop woop
  8. i am very commmited to the job as i wouldnt have joined in the first place, there's just no logic in the proccess for those who wish to go full time from the TA i have no issue with training it makes sense as our training time is very limited.
  9. Only if you can be arrsed to go to the recruiting centre and be arrsed to talk to the recruiting staff.

    I wonder if you can be arrsed to do anything. You would make a wonderful government worker....not sure about a soldier tho.

    Guard commander: "Tiger4Life, get on stag"

    Tiger4Life: " Can't be arrsed doing that....may get shot at"

    Tiger4Life? More like Cantbearrsed4life
  10. I'm pretty sure that the application isn't particularly arduous, I seem to remember it being about 4 pages and the questions were all based on you not algebra?
  11. Well if you are thinking about going full time get very used to that bit :wink:

    Oh and get a f*cking grip and get the forms sorted :evil:
  12. I don't think it'll bode well in your interview when you tell them you can't be arsed with form filling.

    If you can't be arsed with a few pages of paperwork (and really, it isn't much! In my life of indecision I've filled in about 4 application forms for the Army, and only handed the final set in - and it doesn't take long).

    Part of the Application Form is like a CV anyway, so you can add all your newfound experiences to it.

    And as somebody said, and everybody should know... if you're looking for Logical Decisions, get a civvy job!
  13. Who the fuck are you to decide what is and isn't logical, there's a process in place that works, so it's used.

    You'll no doubt whine and bitch about having to go through the whole recruit process too.

    Why don't you kill yourself, it'll save time.
  14. As long as there's no form filling involved........
  15. Hey!, Shit for Brains, just do as you,re told and fill in the friggin forms, there is a reason for everything so heads down arse up and DO IT, geddit?, goddit?, Good.