Argh Application Forms!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Rubles, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys and gals,

    I've had these application forms on my desk for far too long, my potential unit must be wondering what happened to me! I've filled out the main one in full but the medical one (one to be done by doctor) is still lying around.

    Do I need to go to the Doctor's and get this filled in BEFORE I hand in my paperwork?

  2. No, just leave it on your desk and it eventually fills itself in. :roll:
  3. Well I tried that one for a week. Perhaps my form is FUBAR?

    I probably phrased my question badly. I think I misunderstood when the CO was saying something about them verifying what the doctor said and what I said. I've completed my section of the Medical, does this mean I need to take it to the doctor and get it sorted or does the mysterious army check do it?

    Sorry for the ambiguity!
  4. Sixty

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    Fill out the medical one too and hand it to your unit. Your GP will then be contacted for med records.
  5. What he said. And good luck!
  6. If the Dr has to fill out the form detailing your medical info, why would the dr be contacted again just to give the same info?

    AND why do some TA units give you the RG8 where you fill it in and why do others give you the one where you and your dr has to fill in a section aswell....just seems like there is no consistency in the process??