Argentinian technology??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 303SMLE, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. I have been sent a pic by a certain Argie (who you may have all seen around the place) who claims that it is an Unmanned Reconnaissence Vehicle.

    Personally, I think it is as likely to be an airsoft tank! :lol:

    Apparently it has a "gun and missiles"..... 8O

    I just wondered what the experts thought?
    Link to Picture

    (GCO edited so that picture link doesn't go wrong)
  2. hand back the falklands now
    we are doomed dommed i tell you bwahahaahhaaaq :twisted:
  3. Quite. I'm sure we are all quaking in our boots.

    If it is for Recon, it appears to lack the all important camera? :roll:

    Edited to add: perhaps thats it on the other side of the gun?? :?
  4. i want one sf for the playstation generation :lol: just need a trailer for all the link.
  5. i think our resident Argie Erwin is the "expert" in playstation controlled war technology :lol:
  6. I like the childs bright red brolly in the back ground. . . . .
  7. It looks like something off of Robot Wars.
  8. The Yanks have been working on something similar haven't they? This just looks like a bargain basement version, there's no reason why it shouldn't be genuine but then again there's no reason why it should be any good!
  9. Looks like something the REME have knocked up. You can see the boot and hammer marks.
  10. Could probabley run up and tip it over. Is that a AT missile on the top? Wouldn't the backblast from it blow the ammunition box and belt off the GPMG?
  11. would project the whole f*cking thing very rapidly to 20,000 ft at about Mach 2.
  12. did anyone notice the clipboard in front of it, giving you a good perspective of how small it actually is? Or am i just being a tit? 8O
  13. [​IMG]

    No, No, No. Look at the side of the gun. Its a Xmas cracker delivery system.

    Edit: Tried to google EA2 and came up with a hideous collection of random strings of numbers and letters. However theres no end of stuff for UGVs (though nearly all spam ones, no argentinians to be foiund). EA2 is however the name of some spam ugv demonstration exercise so its maybe marked up for that.
  14. From a research point of view - it could be accurate, without the missiles. However, who reloads the GMPG when its finished the belt? Does the number 2 have to run behind it? Practically, it woudl never work unless one of the squaddies was using it like their childhood remode control car!! (In respect to the range)

  15. Looks more like one of those robots used for EOD to me!