Argentinian Scots Guards Walts

I think it's something along the lines of "this is how you should be dressed if you want to hand someone their arse on a plate"

Either that or "how the fuck did they beat us wearing that shit?"
Looks like a couple of arse bandidos with a uniform fetish to me. Bet they enjoy snuggling up in a two man tent.
See, if they'd paid any attention to detail in their Scots Guards re-enactment then the unfastened pockets would have been accompanied by the world's supply of beasting.


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saw this and wondered if it was the tabarwhotnot highlanders who went to help defend stanley for a few months in ww2, they were argentine decendants of brits.
Have they thought of a career in the RAF?
The two man tent points towards army inclinations ;-) If it had been a five star hotel room I'd agree with you.
Somebody beast that Crow Walt! He has the Capstar in the wrong position. The bottom of the star should be just touching the leather band of the beret.

There's never a Sand Hill around when you need one!

I also noticed him waffling on about the Energa Pouch (that's knife, fork and spoon to you lot!) that had been torn off. They also have no idea how to properly attach the kidney pouches but fair does, neither did half the feckin British Army

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