Argentinian Rugby

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. They have been superb in this W/Cup.

    Some of their rugby tonight was great to watch.

    Well done the Argies.
  2. Absolutely T_G. It makes for a more interesting tournament than the usual suspects marching inevitably to the final.

    How long before they offer to play us for the Falklands?
  3. Outstanding display of rugby passion by the Pumas.

    5 trys burying France 34-10

    Third place well deserved.
  4. Brilliant result for Argentina, that was excellent viewing.

    It's very quiet outside. Nernernernerner to the French, hope the Argentinian party keeps you all awake.

    ps as you won't be celebrating tonight and waking up with sore heads, maybe you can go to work driving some trains tomorrow?
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Again I find myself agreeing with the guru - a worrying trait.

    Argentina have been the stars of this competition and have been a delight to watch. Tough, dertmined, skillful. As a reward, all the senior nations should visit Argentina in a series of matches culminating in a world XV v Argies. In 2 years time that would be a great competition, midway between world cup finals. In my humble opinion 8)

  6. As the underdogs of World rugby for so many years, and treated like sh!t by the IRB, it is time that they have a place in one of the international competitions. There are arguments, for and against, as to whether that is the 6 Nations or the Tri-Nations but they deserve it after this display.

    Well done the Argy Bargies.

  7. A great display from the Puma's, surely they've proved that they deserve a place in one of the annual international competitions. Tri Nations to go to four nations? A pacific competition? Argentina, Somoa, Fuji, Tonga and Japan?
  8. There is already a Pacific Nations Cup, and Argentina are far too good to be stuck playing against Tier 2 nations anyway.

    As far as I'm concerned, Argentina should be given the choice of whether to play in the Tri Nations or the Six Nations, or perhaps even play each competition in alternate years.
    I think that SANZAR have kept them out of the Tri Nations because Australia are scared of them. Los Pumas don't play traditional Southern Hemisphere rugby and Australia don't like playing anything other than Southern Hemisphere rugby.

    They are a fantastic team that play some of the most entertaining rugby in the world - certainly more entertaining than the ABs - stuck in an International no man's land that even the Tier 2 nations don't have to put up with. The IRB need bitch slapping until they step up and do something for them.
  9. Personally I would love to see them in the Six Nations, it would become a massive beast but who really cares (except for clu rugby). There are of course issues as to where they would play (Buenos Aires is a bit far to travel to or from) but with the majority of Argentinian players in the French leagues it makes more sense in terms of the Rugby calendar. The quality of the rugby would make it worth while.


  10. I think that the Argentine rugby board has applied to join the six nations, suggesting that they play their 'home' games either in Spain or Holland. Personally I think it would be great for the game, as it would allow Argentina the opportunity to expand on this success.
  11. Just watched a re-run of the game. The Argies were awesome. Pichot is a legend. They have truly dominatede in the forwads a la England but also have some outstanding backs.

    Good on them.
  12. How long will Ibanez be banned for for throwing the water bottle at the Taffy touch judge? Or will it simply be put down to "galic passion"? (and not the George Michael type!). French tit.
  13. The IRB, if I remember rightly, have already stated that increasing the 6 Nations to 7 would put too great a strain on an already over congested season. Yes most of the players are based in Europe so it makes sense to base the team in Madrid, but what about the Teir 2 european teams? Georgia were very close to turning over Ireland, so why not let them as well as Spain, Portugal, Romania and Russia into the Six Nations, or have a two teir system very much like our Corps Merit Leagues with promtion aand relegation?

    Can't see the home nations going for that much like the SANZAR not letting the Pumas into the Tri-Nations clique.

    If they don't get into either of these competitions within the next 6-10 months they should at least be invited to partake in the Churchill Cup and hope that they can turn every one over in that including the NZ Moaris!
  14. Argentine pack = wow!!!

    I wonder how many of them were born in Patagonia and therefpore qualified to play for WALES!

    I know he has not got a gold medal but for what it is worth my Player of the Tournament is the Argentine prop Roncero. Does he feel pain?
  15. I agree that increasing the 6N to 7 would be too much, which is why I think there should be a promotion/relegation between it and the ENC Div 1. Clearly, there would be issues, such as the first relegation would disrupt the ENC and the ENC being a two year competition, but I'm sure it's not beyond the wit of man to solve them. The pros of such a system would vastly outweigh the short term cons and would be marvellous for the growth of rugby. There would be a fight to not win the wooden spoon, the amateur European teams would have regular access to Tier 1 competition and the ENC champions - which wouldn't necessarily be the Tier 1 team - would have something to aim for other than a World Cup every four years.

    [pedant mode] Incidentally, Romania is the only European Tier 2 Nation, the rest are Tier 3. [/pedant mode]

    The 6N teams wouldn't want the competition expanding and the Scots and Italians wouldn't want the prospect of relegation. The South Africans have said they would like Argentina in the Tri-Nations and New Zealand is rugby, they're quite happy too play anyone. It's the Aussies that don't want them in, and the excused they come out with are weaker than Budweiser.

    The problem there is that they are stuck with a B team competition that they wouldn't find much of a competition.