Argentinian Pucara Propellor Blade

Mate of mine who's not on here has a propellor blade from an Argentinian Pucara. It was a bring-back from the conflict, and as such has damage to it in the form of a bullet hole. The force of the round striking the blade has bent it slightly.

It has a brass plaque on it dated 1982 and mentions one of the Naval Squadrons that brought it back.

This is not from a crash site. As I believe the blade would not be in one piece, as it is now.

PM me with offers around £250 please


Will it still work with a bullet hole in it?
Will post some photos later, am using the phone at the mo.

Regarding it being useable. Well, some Harry black and a bit of polishing and it'll be good as new.

But, I won't be held responsible if you bolt it to your Pucara...!
Do you have the rest of the Pucara?

Pebble Island is a bit far to go for my Pucara needs.
Nope. This was Definately NOT robbed from the mess. If you buy it, i'll tell you how exactly it came to be in my mates garage.
Come on. Spill the beans. You'll get a lot more interest, if people don't think it's been robbed.
Although i don't know the absolute specifics of it. This was taken from a static aircraft. I would personally say, that if the aircraft had "ploughed in", this would be in a far worse state than it is.
The paint on the end of the blades, will wear off over a period of time, as a result of grit etc in the airflow being abrasive.
someone has to buy it before you'll explain how it was legally obtained? erm, let me see now.....

All the paint has gone from the leading edge, see the black rectangle, that is protecting something on the leading edge too. Left out to rot, if the paint was defective it would all be gone.

The aircraft was shot down, the prop took one hit, on impact with the ground it got twistyfied.

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