Argentinian Navy demonstrates a self-sinking ship

We should send a group of scrap merchants to recover it, then invade the *****.
It was built as a cheap Type 42, they'll probably ask for their money back...
“Arturo, why go to all that effort and expense with a dry dock and welders, the ship’s hull just needs a few well applied blobs of bathroom silicone and it will be good for another bodged invasion or two!”

“Don Mong, I appreciate your advice excellency, but if the ship were to sink it would mean mucho meither and a posting to Patagonia!”

“Never mind all that Arturo, the silicone will hold until your replacement gets here and you can blow the dosh saved on a corned beef orgy, tango lessons and mucho beach volleyball chiquitas!”
Perhaps a Sea Harrier bombed it?
This is clearly a test of their new amphibious landing ship capability…

Sails into Mare Harbour and starts to heel over…

Once fully heeled over, hordes of attack penguins will storm ashore!

Viva la Reconquista! Viva La Malvinas!


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Perhaps a Sea Harrier bombed it?
Bombed? Bombed? The might Sea Harrier didn't bomb things. It was the Aston Martin of the skies - fast, sleek, hand made in Britain. The blue-eyed gods that flew them would never stoop to bombing things. They were knights of the air, jousting with enemy fliers in a noble dance of death with supremacy of the sky as the prize. If there was any bombing to do that was delegated to the troglodyte crabs in their work-a-day, Mondeo-like GR9s.


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MoD was probably stupid enough to sell it with a lifetime warranty....
it does explain why we are in such a hurry to decommission ships


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The minister seems puzzled about ST's sinking but earlier reports said the Args were going to let that happen anyway and then think about fixing the problem.

Thread merge please! Then this event can be linked to trained saboteur penguins.

btw this means ST can no longer be robbed for spares for her Brit-built sister.


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It may all be part of a sneaky pre-invasion exercise - if they're planning another invasion, evacuating sinking ships is one of the skills they'll need. Has Sharkey Ward commented yet?


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they could be practicing a yamamoto (spelling) style last stand in stanley/mare harbour.

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