Argentinian Homosexual Practice phot on E Bay

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. Just found this, So glad we didn't know about this whilst on our way South in 1982.

    Never mind Mount Harriet, where's her brother................

    Argentine Troops having a Mate
  2. What's Groucho Marx doing in the photo?
  3. I thought it was Borat.
  4. Is that our age difference showing? :D
  5. :D Just my alzheimers
  6. ..Peter Sellers??

  7. Am I missing something here? I see four guys having a brew up.Or is there a message in the photo?
  8. Ah yes Peter Sellers.... "that is my private moustache". Priceless.
  9. What we call a "pun" or play on words. In Argentina "mate" (pron: Mah-tay) is a sort of herbal tea. Tastes a bit like brewed grass clipping to me but each to his own.
  10. Thank you David.
  11. Shouldn't have thought that this picture would be worth 4 pounds. :? Four guys in a truck having a brew up and not a cock to be seen... :p

  12. Plus would you buy from an Argie??

  13. Falklands my arse, I do not remember any bloody trees down there, too frickin windy 8O
  14. Are you sure they are not RAF pilots they all look jolly and very camp
  15. My thoughts exactly.