Argentinian female hands lover letter to Wor Dave

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cable_Ties, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. ...or put another way, De Kirchner tries to hand CMD a letter containing Argentina's grievances and is told "No, fcuk off."

    Is this the best tactic she could come up with or should we just nuke BA now?
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  2. He should have just bent the slut over, tanned her arrse with a cane, then got the shadow cabinet to bukkake her.
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  3. And showed her pictures of Cunards lovely new ships.
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  4. It`s people like you that give us the reputation of being soft.
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  5. Don't argue with idiots - they bring you down to their level.
  6. It's in Mexico. Surely your still allowed to punch women there?

    Latin lasses respect that.
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  7. ... and then beat you with experience.
  8. envelope my arrse, it was her phone and room number, he saw the photographer there and just cuffed some story about sovereignty of the falklands. hes currently hanging out the back of it after a night on the slash ;-)
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  9. Surely he can't be firing his torpedo at her man-in-a-boat?
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  10. well hopefully hes firing blanks, lets face it if he can forget his kids in the pub then bagging up is the last thing on his mind.

    you watch this space as we go to war with argentina to divert the news that the argentinean premier is up the duff by CMD, you know what these politicians are like for try to bury news ;-)
  11. Unfortunately her biological clock ticked out even quicker than her credibility so the only conceiving she'll be doing is how to leave office without getting lynched by the Argies.
  12. Perhaps more to do with the fact the Falkland Islanders tried to give the Argentine Ambassador to the UN a letter which he spitefully refused to accept.

    Cheap stunt.
  13. Quote from BBC News - David Cameron confronts Fernandez over Falkland Islands

    Ms Fernandez then appeared to show Mr Cameron a letter BBC political editor Nick Robinson said outlined UN Resolution 40 of November 1985, which requests both governments to negotiate a "peaceful" resolution to the Falklands dispute.

    FFS, I thought the Argentinian surrender over three years earlier classed as satisfying that UN Resolution or have we been at war again and I missed it somehow?
  14. Surely not, it was outside the Exclusion Zone...
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