Argentines told to repay £45m to the UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. I don't suppose we are holding our breath for this money but we should say we would like it repaid asap. :)
  2. Begs the question of why H.M government decided to loan such an amount of money to a right wing junta in the first place! I wonder how many Argentines
    died as a result of the loan.

    Well done to the lobby group who found out what the British govt of the day did with tax payers money.
  3. So that they could spend it on British arms, as ever using the common taxpayer to subsidise a private industry for no gain in return.
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  4. That's the trouble with slappers, They tend to flap their gobs off first and realise they have to swallow later.

    Ohhh this is sweet, Send the boys round to collect our dosh, pronto.
  5. Can countries do the international equivalent of sending in the bailiffs for debts? Could we demand a quarter share in Leo Messi if the money isn't repaid?
  6. We must send a gunboat to B. Aires immediately.

    Do we have any left?
  7. Heres the fleet at the Naval base in Scarborough
    fleet at anchor.JPG
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  8. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    As Argentina recently tried to create problems for the oil companies exploring in Falklands waters by saying that bank loans to the companies were illegal, I think this might be HMG's way of saying 'two can play at that game'.

    Its a warning shot to say that if Argentina starts playing games with the banking system, the UK can do so as well...

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  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Banking games indeed, thats the reason we are in a mess because the poxy banks played silly buggers! Anyway enough of that rant, I wonder if we are charging interest at the original or current rate?
  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Perhaps the point is that when they don't pay up, this puts them most satisfactorily in the poo as a dafaulter and puts them on the wrong side of the iMF when they come crawling for a bailout when the Args' fairy-tale economics finally fail.

    Some of this money will have been spent in Britain on their first Type42, Sea Dart missiles, Lynx helo etc plus licence to build the other 42, so just for once a bit of foreign aid did get spent here. Otherwise i have no doubt the French would have obliged by refitting the Arg fleet.

    Pity we can't charge them the equivalent of barrack damages for the mess they made in FI, let alone the cost of kicking them out. Besides we saved them the refit costs of the Belgrano, decent of us. So send bill for 3 no Mk8** torpedoes too.
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  11. Hmm.

    £45 million since 1979 (so 33 years).

    Let's set a 2% interest rate. That must be about £100 mill by now.

    We'll call it quits if htey agree to stop with all the drivel about the Falklands.

    Failing taht we'll send the bailiffs around and start taking things.

    We should chuck a bill at them for the spares and manhours used in 1982 too. They did benefit afterall, they got democracy and have never thanked us.
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  12. Doesnt a chinook cost about £45million we still have half of one of theres still flying.
  13. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    £45 million for two Class 42s and a couple of helos... cheap I'd say... I think we should be told etc.
  14. They're only trying to do(similar) what the Iranians are trying to us re Chieftain, so only another 350 million to go and we'll have balanced books again.

    We should go the whole hog and get back from the Indians the cost of their Space Programme which, IIRC, matched some wodge of aid that I CBA to search for.