Argentine Transavia pilot arrested!

This is all over the front pages of the Dutch newspapers this morning, the headline on the AD being:

"Proud of death flights"

It turns out that pilot Julio P, who was cleared by the AIVD (Dutch Secret Service) back in 1998 to fly for Dutch airline Transavia used to do a good number on free accelerated freefall courses over the South Atlantic in a Lockheed Electra back in the day.

And he was rather proud of this and has no regrets, and didn't mind telling his copilots about it.

"We threw people out of the aircraft into the sea because they were left-wing terrorists. Actually we should have done it to all of them."

"No one suffered, the terrorists were all drugged before they were thrown out of the aircraft."

He was picked up under an international arrest warrant at Valencia airport.

As a little aside that makes this slightly amusing is that the wife of the next King of the Netherlands is Argentine, and there are... "questions"... about the role of her father during the Junta years.

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