Argentine sub has gone missing.

I found this tweet today regarding the final moment of the crew's lives.
What a way to go, eh.
I don't know, I think if I have to die in a submarine incident then a sudden explosion probably beats slowly sinking into a trench waiting for the hull to crush, or sitting on the bottom until the air runs out.

Not much of a choice though.
At the end of it, they were blokes like us, tasked with a job involving kit that might have been below par. Who knows if similar circumstances might fall to our submariners in the future. Feel genuinely sorry for them.
I think it's basically that the submarine was crushed on the edge of a deep bit, so will be spread about in places difficult to find or reach.
Thank you,I did sort of get that.
Cut and paste is such a wonderful thing.
Quite an interesting article about the apparent supply situation on the San Juan at the time of her loss. In particular, CO2 scrubbers and oxygen candle numbers are stated to have been well under the recommended number.
Argentina's San Juan Submarine 'Short On Food, Air Supplies'
Bit of a moot point considering the situation the crew of the San Juan found themselves in, though if the Argentinian navy was scrimping on the emergency supplies one has to wonder whether the boat was seaworthy to start with.

Does anyone happen to know if the Sant Cruz or Salta have been to sea since, or are they effectively scrapped?

My Google-fu isn't helping me with this one.
The Argentines are still looking for the wreck. This from The Nacion, on 01/06/2018:

ARA San Juan: selected a Spanish company for the search of the submarine
196 days ago the submarine ARA San Juan disappeared Source: Archive
José María Costa FOLLOW
june 1, 2018 • 19:06
Almost a month after the opening of offers for the search of thesubmarine ARA San Juan , which disappeared 196 days ago, the Spanish company Igeotest Geosciences SL was pre-awarded to provide high-tech underwater search equipment. Meanwhile, the hiring of the boat that will carry the equipment and the experts was deserted and, as LA NACION could have known, a ship of the Argentine Navy will be used.
From the analysis of the bids submitted, this Evaluation Committee prepares the following Evaluation Report: It is recommended to fail the Line No. 1 for not having admissible or convenient offers. It is recommended the allocation of Line No. 2 in favor of the IGEOTEST firm. GEOSCIENCES, SL (ESB17511940) by technically adjusting to what is required, complying with the documentation provided in the Specific Terms and Conditions and, its price is convenient, "says theEvaluation of Offers Assessment , which also details why the proposal was rejected. rest of the bidders, both for the ship and for the search teams.
"The nature of pre-awarding has to do with now we have to wait three business days to see if someone challenges the winning company," said a high source from theMinistry of Defense to LA NACION, adding that it was decided to use his own vessel after the rejection of the technicians of the eight offers to provide the boat.
An update re. the San Juan story. According to the Argentine press, the previously agreed search/salvage contract has been cancelled by the Argentine Government. At the same time, a reward for information leading to the discovery of the submarine has been withdrawn.
Relatives of the crew are protesting the withdrawal of the reward/cancellation of search/salvage efforts and I woul guess that the ARA San Juan will be one of those wrecks that is never found, or else is discovered by accident in years to come.

Argentina withdraws reward offer to help find ARA San Juan


Eight Months of No News From the Argentinean Submarine ARA San Juan
Yeah, pity.

However, to re-ask two questions that have been asked before and have a UK bearing, do we know if the two remaining ARA subs have been to sea since, and has there been any further news/gossip/into on where the sub had gone on its magical mystery tour of the South Atlantic?

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