Argentine Rodneys Bayonet/Short Sword



Anybody know anything about this sort of gear?

My brother fought with L Coy 42 Cdo at Mount Harriet and liberated this bit of kit off one of the Argentine Officers. I've got a couple of snaps of it. It was made by a German firm called Wyersburg and Kirshbaum and is desribed as Modelo Argentino 1909.

Wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about it, if anyones got any specialist knowledge.



W and K were a German company based in Solingen, Germany's main blade making city. They made a bayonet for the Argie Mauser. They made for the 1891 pattern too. Not sure of value or rarety but with it's history is a nice one to have.
Before inflation set in, General Menedez personal bayonet was circulating around Stanley.

Chalky swapped his "Menedez" bayonet for a new doss bag, Scouse got a Seiko divers watch for his. Mine got me a pre owned mercedes G Wagen.
Unlike Chalky and Scouse, my booty would not fit in my Bergen when it was time to leave :cry:

( anyone still interested in a superfladermaus fire control radar?)

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