Argentine Navy currenly has funding for 4 days at sea per ship next year.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. For those of you worried about the imminent threat of Argentine invasion down south, and having to go back and save the Falklands all over again, fear not. It looks like Argentina has sufficient funding to put its navy to sea for 4 days per ship next year.

    Argentine navy short on spares and resources for training and maintenance — MercoPress

    In other words, they've only got funding for 161 days at sea, which means the average RN warship currently spends more time at sea per year than the entire Argentine Navy. Their much vaunted submarine fleet spent a total of 19 hours submerged last year, which is almost as much time as HMS ASTUTE spent on a rock in Scotland...

    As ever, a gratuitious blog link for a more in depth look at the subject - Thin Pinstriped Line: Just how bad can it get for the Argentinean Navy?
  2. They didn't actually spend an inordinate amount of time at sea in '82........well not after the Belgrano went down.
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  3. Maybe they're lulling us in to a false sense of security... bit like Maggie did in ;82 if some are to be beleived.
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  4. Yes, but the Belgrano has put in plenty of sea time ever since!
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  5. It's perhaps a good time to pursue our claim to the Argentine bit of Tierra del Fuego!
  6. She did prior to the Falklands... she was used as a floating training base and had just completed one of th efirst trips for the conscripts.

    I think I read she really needed some TLC and maint but almost the moment she returned from the shakedown cruise, it was load up and return to sea.

    One of the reasons there was so much bleating about the sinking. The ship had a cadre of old sweats, the rest were conscripts early on in the conscription.

  7. Who were hoping to 'blood' themselves on our guys. So **** them.
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  8. Actually, don't Argies refer to their tubs as 'He'?
  9. Seem to recall reading that the Belgrano was of septic navy vintage, surviving Pearl Harbour............or did I dream it?
  10. It was - USS Phoenix
  11. You can't argue with that reasoning!
  12. Ahh, thanks!
  13. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    so they have enough fuel to reach the islands, seize them under the eyes of our non ground attack planes and drunken troops then fill up at mare harbour tank farm :)

    we had best send a team of the special bailiff service to seize their ships as they dock seeing as we no longer have a capable military. despite what the propaganda ministry says about our world beating equipment.
  14. USS Phoenix of the Brooklyn class in another age
    And yes, USS Pheonix was at Pearl harbor 71 years ago.