Argentine " diplomacy " plumbs new depths

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by velcrostripes, May 1, 2012.

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  1. This mornings comedy moment in the latest installment of the never ending saga.....

    What next ? Chaining herself to the rails of Buckingham Palace ?

  2. Why should she be worried about the UK garrison if an invasion is never going to happen?
  3. Perhaps she thinks that the garrison could invade Argentina.
  4. I wish we would , if only to shut these people up .
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  5. Ha ha haaa, they really are a ****ing laughing stock!
  6. Belgrano brand crab meat-Extra Spiccy..............
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  7. Luckily although I was supping iced tea at the time I wasn't close to the keyboard.
  8. Sales would be torpedoed if the UK (and others) boycotted Argentine imports.
  9. The UK has never refused to enter into dialogue with the Argentinians even under Res. 2165.The simple fact is ,that self determination is covered under Res. 2165 (and Article 1 of the UN Charter) , an inconvenient truth for the Argentines as the only outcome of the dialogue they will countenance is a hand over of sovereignty. In other words it wants dialogue with the UK ,but only if the answer is predetermined.
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  10. oh god no then we'd have to try to run the place:(
  11. I nominate myself to control the sex industry .
  12. How much longer until Argentina collapses into anarchy now? Hopefully soon, maybe then they'll shut up about this shite. On a brighter note though I'm sure having some "UN Peacekeepers" just off the coast when they do go tits up would be handy.
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    He ****ing well should remind the jackbooted one that they lost at every chance he gets and also remind her litle French mate they didn't even make the semi's

    Give up love and take the hint if your the countries representitive and no one recognises you time to go home.
    "She was dressed as a previous PM."
    I can't wait until she rucks up in full Wellington Regllia
  14. Given the Argie's record on human rights she's not going to win many arguments going down that particular road is she?
  15. Er - newsflash: that's the whole point of self-determination, you thick ****. If an overwhelming majority want to join another country and that country is happy to have them, then that's what should happen. Geography doesn't come in to it.
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