Argentine Army Video

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tebagagap, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. Argentine Army Video

    Sorry if its been posted before, i'm sure the music is from 'The Rock'!

  2. Interesting equipment!
    Arent flame throwers Illegal now?
    I did like the look of the snowboarding winter troops though!
  3. Interesting but quite outdated equipment. Did I see an AMX 13 in amongst that lot? Very impressive video, very Latin full of machismo with a hint of 'Wild Bill Hickock' and 'Platoon' about it. Let's face it folks, it's f*cking better than 'Armoured Infantry.........forward as one!' God I cringe at that statement.

    Where do I sign up............Senor?
  4. mmm.......

    Funny they skipped the

    "piles of weapons on the tarmac, queues of blokes with their hands up, white flags from the rooftops" section of the video out.
  5. Where was the thunderbird video from? Originaly I mean?
    As for the argie video, yes I noted the masses of outdated equipment, particuarly the helicopter that i think they stopped making some time ago.
  6. Its definatly outdated. the french have sold them newer weapons than those on the video
  7. I thought at one point they were going to address some of their past misdeeds, but then all the dissidents that had been chucked out of the back of the C 130 seemed to have parachutes this time.
  8. It is a good video - way better than the ones we produce
    Show that sorta thing on TV and you will prob solve most of the manning cirsis in one fell swoop!!!!

    Anyone know how i can download a copy from the net at all? - Tried some things and they dont seem to be working
  9. I enjoyed it!
  10. I particularly liked the DPM berets, very natty, although the absence of 1 Scots Guards' bayonets was a little dissapointing.
  11. Yes, I see your "point".

    I think they could have ran a little faster with the addition of the jocks bayonets....
  12. Hilarious! Poor sods!

    Shoddy equipment, lack of CBA, having a cr a p time doing public duties, only one or two chosen men doing doing adventure training, chronic overstretch, rubbish medical facilities, exploited by their government for PR purposes
  13. Their equitment looks somewhat dated, though its better than our videos and it lasted longer than 30 seconds.
  14. All looks a bit dangerous to me... do armies really shoot at each other? Previous recruiting campaigns made me think the army was all about skiing/rockclimbing/diving/looking nice for queeny.

    Perhaps we should put a few chally 2s and some other kit onto falklands... for training purposes of course... would halt any elaborate military posturing by argie bargies