Argentina will take its complaint to the UN

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Feb 22, 2010.

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    The Argies are going to be pushing this in a big way.

    1. Without being too "patriotic" about it why if they are wrong to do this cantt the UK ask for rights to say Norways oil?

    Or do they have a geographic right to said oil/gas.

    Like the Russians planting a flag on the Arcic seabed last year - so they now have the right to all Artic oil??
  2. At the end of the day it will be down to who ever has the biggest balls.
  3. Last time I checked, the UN has no army…
  4. Or Balls!
  5. The UN does not have an army or balls, but we don't seem to have the latter any more. I bet if the UN told us to get out we would go on the first 'plane. It would be just like the way we obey every edit from Brussels.
  6. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I may be wrong but i believe the legal side is as follows.

    3 mile limit - your territorial waters under which your legal system applies.
    Sea floor exploitation limit - up to 200 miles from your shores out to sea, basically your natural resources underneath.

    Where either limit overlaps with a similar limit from another country then usually a halfway point is taken and that becomes the 'line', but when it gets more complicated you may end up with real mess of lines (check out the arctic legal lines on google it's a right mess)

    In addition to these limits you can also extend your 'resources' limit out to the extremes of the continental shelf your mainland is on, which is what the Argies are trying to do.....but this still can't overlap the other 2 limits above.

    The difference between the 3 mile limit and the resources limit is that I believe passage through the 3 mile limit is restricted by the country (which is where we got into trouble with the Iranians and an Ipod a while back) but passage through the resource limit is covered by international treaties. the Argies seem to be trying to restrict passage through this area which I don't think is correct.

    Saying all that, it's just my understanding of it...sure some legal mided bloke with a big book to hand can explain better and more accurately.

  7. I like the title of the article
    'Argentina to launch diplomatic offensive to RECLAIM Falkland Islands'

    My bold, when did they ever own the Falklands???

    Unfortunately I think that Gordon Brown and Labour would never react to defend the Falklands and or the South Shetlands and South Georgia in the same way as Maggie did in 1982. And don't get me wrong I'm not entirely sure Cameron would either. As has been said previously UK politicians just don't have the balls anymore! Far more likely that if somehow the Argies get this through the UN we'll bow down to them and leave the islanders to their fate.
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    it'll come down to whoever gives the biggest backhander to the government at the time. if Argentina's version of Shell offered Mandy of Boys a weekend on a luxury yacht with the added incentive of a large briefcase full of unmarked bills, england would surrender the falklands quicker than a german can stick his towel on a sunbed.

  9. Thats more like it

    Mind the Argies claim that the first kids born on the Falklands way back when were Argoes so its theirs :D
  10. If only the Argies were against mining on the Falklands too. Have the cheeky cnuts stumped up to help remove the mines they just scattered all over the place ??

    As far as I am concerned let them waffle all they want, wont make a bit of difference in my view. The Argentine Government have a track record of being petty and spiteful towards the Islands, such as banning direct flights and permits to use their airspace etc etc.

    They know they cant win by force so sensing blood in the water trailing from the fat faced gonad of a PM we are lumbered with they have decided to go the UN. Seeing as the UN couldnt agree on the colour of poo I am looking forward to lots of waffle followed by a huge sulk.
  11. Used to be. Now you can claim up to 12 miles (and everybody except Lichtenstein and Andorra have!)

    The 200 miles is the "Exclusive Economic Area" - you can control and licence all sorts of maritime activities.

    True enough - UNCLOS Part VI gives the coastal state rights for exploitation of sea-bed and under sea-bed resources. Note that this specifically excludes fishing (which is a critical difference between this and the EEZ).

    Unfortunately for the Argentinians, the Falklands are in the way and no matter how much they grumble those are not, currently (or at any point up to now - regardless of the claims of predecessor Spanish colonies), Argentinian.

    Actually, "innocent passage" is permitted through even the territorial sea (up to 12 miles) as well as the wider the "contiguous zone" (up to 24 miles) and the EEZ. And it applies to warships as well - something the US Navy make a point of "demonstrating". However, what the RN sailors were doing - boarding actions - is outwith the rules of "innocent passage". What the Argentinians have decreed they are restricting is, in most cases, covered by the innocent passage rules except for ships calling in to Argentinian ports or "internal waters".

  12. More windbag diplomacy that will lead the UN to come up with the same splinters-in-the-arse response as it did last time. 'You're both grown ups, sort it out yourselves'. And we all know what happened next......
  13. There's a chance we could be underestimating the public reaction though. I think those of a certain age / generation would feel uneasy about giving up the Islands, having lived through the war and seen the sacrifices as it happened.

    If that sentiment is turned into a domestic political issue any party's going to have a hard time justifying giving the Islands away.
  14. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    Mr UN: "OK, Argentina, you lost how many of your soldiers last time around?"
  15. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    You think like I do.Being an ex communist as well as corrupt as fcuk,Lord Mandleson of Backhander would sell Britain down the river with no qualms whatsoever,so long as the cash payment was deposited in whatever dodgy offshore country"he" banks in.