Argentina upping the ante again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Recruiting_Office_reject, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. El Presidente is likely trying to garner some support from the nationalist side of Argentina with big words and posturing. The report does state the Argies will (maybe) be deploying troops to the Antarctic, aside from this being a first (and what a posting!) I don't believe there is any real threat to the Falklands - not that in our current state we could do much about it anyway.

    On a side note that President Fernandez looks a bit of a MILF, definately easier on the eye than Galtieri! :D
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    As usual - GB is last off the starting block. The deadline for claiming territorial rights around the Falklands and Antarctica is next may.

    I'm taking bets that we a: don't do anything about having forces ready to defend and claim we might make, and b: we don't put a claim in by next May.
  3. Hasn’t Venezuela been sticking its nose into the whole Falklands debate? I swear I read somewhere they have been throwing their weight behind the Argentine claim and even offering support.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    My Doris is from Argentina and has just returned from 2 weeks at home. They have much more to worry about than invading the Falklands again, and there is no appetite for it anyway.

    Kirchner has just given their military a 20% pay rise to keep them onside as the economy is falling apart.

    Another hyped up story about nothing.
  5. I hope Ord Sgt is right. The clue is in the story:

    "The proposals come as Mrs Fernández faces growing opposition at home"

    Sound familiar?

    Actually the story is really about Antarctica. UK is playing a waiting game by not staking an early claim to try and reduce tensions. I am not sure where Biped would like UK to generate the forces from. i would have said that with our presence in the Falklands we are better represented in the region than many nations.


  6. And you wondered why I tried to get people to look at the PPRuNe Sea Jet thread. If it doesn't work (long story, IP issues and forced log in if the IP you're using on a given day has been used to log in) try the archived version.

    We may have retired our carrier based fighter, but a number of them were kept for ground based training, which could be regenerated. Not only were a few Sea Harriers kept, but a couple of two seat Harrier T8 trainers. Whilst it would take time to regenerate these, and the issue of pilots would be tricky, it could be done faster than Argentina can put a task force together. Their Navy is in a bad state with almost no amphibious assets.

    Therefore we should watch developments there, but not worry too much.
  7. Do we know what assets they have?

    I notice that the article makes no direct mention of the Islands but simply talks about the zone. This is enough patriotic posturing to appeal to the machismo of the political Right without having to follow through to an invasion or any sort of confrontation. It also seems to be staking out a claim with an eye to future discoveries of resources.
    I agree that a return match doesn't look likely, just as well as the Bn cat is off sick and we have nothing to send.

  8. MILF? Munter I'd Like To.... ?
  9. How can China claim any part of the Antartic?....let me guess the South South china sea :roll:
  10. We will know when they plan anything - they will order the maps from us again!!
  11. Yep. Interesting article, well written, thought provoking...but who gives a toss-I'm with Regards on this. El Presidente is Scorrchio! Total MILF.
  12. Assuming the Argies go for it again (bearing in mind their Armed Forces are pretty strapped for cash and threadbare) and we find the troops to go down and sort them out again, can we make a few changes to the battleplan?

    1. Declare actual war. To stop the whinging Latina fcukers whinging that it wasn´t a war, there for the sinking of Belgrano was a crime against humanity (obviously doesn´t extend to Sheffield, Coventry, Atlantic Conveyor etc. :roll: )

    2. Inform them that bayonets CAN be used. So stop dripping about it, you bloody started it.

    3. Inform them that surrendering when the nasty Guardsman, Para or Marine drops in to your trench with a bayonet fixed, may be too late.... esp after you have been brassing him and his mates up for the last 1500m of his approach to your trench.

    4. Pistols WILL be taken from Officer POWs. If they feel they need them for protection from their own men, then maybe they shouldn´t have been such cnuts to them prior to capture.

    5. Brassing up Moody Brook, and then claiming that White Phos wasn´t used and only blanks were fired against a building that was obviously systematically "cleared" doesn´t make you look like honourable conquerers who didn´t want to kill anybody. Just sad tawts who the Royals beat to the punch in the "getting out of bed early" competition.

    6. Next time try to be a bit more manly about the whole thing. Spendng all day trying to land on South Georgia, whilst a mere section of Royals destroy a helicoptor and hole a Corvette with a Charlie Gee, doesn´t smack of excellence.

    7. Don´t send your evil facist secret police to the falklands to deport "undesireables", or point 9mm pistols at childrens head because they mock you and refuse to obey your "orders". Like Dowel. Might look a bit embaresing when even your own side send you home because you are such a prat.

    8. Don´t lock up a community of civvies in the civic hall with no water, food or toilets not to mention over head cover. Looks slightly off to the international community.

    9. Tell the young lads that the women of the islands are going to hate them for invading, so there is no point taking the glam rags. They ain´t going to swoon for some Argie Uniform. Nor pose for photos with the "boys" etc.

    They´ll wait until the Paras, Guards or Marines get there :D

    10. Don´t bother with the whole thing. You´re a team in the Vauxhall Conference taking on a 1st Div team, and that´s only because of a lack of spending not skill on behalf of the players. Stay at home, and renew diplomatic pressure, because otherwise you look silly and churlish.

    That´s about it.


    11. In multi-national HQs don´t put up maps with "Islas de Malvinos - Argentina" on them, as I am medically and mentally pre-ordaned to scrub these words out, and replace them with "Falkland Islands - GREAT BRITAIN" and glue a Union Jack on a drawn pole leading to the Islands.....

    And you know how long it took you to replace that map :D :D :twisted:
  13. A couple of questions.

    If they did invade would Brown have the bottle to send down a task force or would he just say ok you can have them?

    They had drama trying to take on a small band of Marines, how would they deal with whats down there at the moment?

    Yanks helped us a fair bit during that conflict. What with fuel, Sidewinders and Stinger missles. Would they help us out with an aircraft carrier this time and men or are they still trying to be "onside" with the argies?
  14. Guys, guys! Simmer down now, I think we can all agree Ms Fernandez is not the most attractive woman, but would warrant a portion due to the image of her slavering all over the purple pleaser being semi inducing.
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