Argentina turns away cruise ships that have visited the Falklands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Infiltrator, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. I bet the local businesses are chuffed with that decision.

    Fcuk 'em, it's their loss.
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  2. So they're skint andd are turning away tourist Money? Idiots.
  3. It`s called " cutting your nose off to spite your face" in the UK. In Argentina I suspect it`s called taking the moral high ground by refusing to bow down to the imperialist oppressor. We buy quite a lot of tea from the Argentine, not many people know that.
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  4. Christina Kirchner is, I'm guessing, an emotional nightmare - Christ, a menopausal, Hispanic Doris - what a combination. She couldn't make a rational decison if she tried ;-)
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  5. Chilean shopkeepers will be well chuffed.
  6. It's also interesting that the Argies are prepared to turn away American owned ships (I know that they are Bahamian flagged and that Carnival is a US and British company), but it could naff off the Americans so that they try to wade into the game. Make no mistake, the US is watching and they aren't necessarily on our side, as witnessed by the US government continually calling them the Malvinas. Hit the Yank in the pocket, it's the only language they understand.
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  7. I'm fukin outraged

    In fact I'm so fukin outraged I've just thrown my Fray Bentos "pie in a tin" in the bin.

    (after eating all the pie bit)
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  8. The interesting thing here will be if this is official policy or just some pissed Falklands vet harbourmaster...
  9. I`m sure O`Barmy and co are happy to call the Falkland Islands something foreign, but there is an election looming and that little crews days are numbered.
  10. BLUE Bin I hope;-)

  11. they ****ing seriously want to take our side after all the shit we stood in next to them!
  12. Just a bunch of ***** really, the Argentinians that is because im not sure i want to wreck the 'special arrangement' by calling the yanks ***** too.
  13. Time to expel diplomats and slash aid to Argentina.
  14. Quite true. The Chief Apologist's days are numbered. :p

    No You Wont Obama.jpg