Argentina 'to use YPF to search for Falkland Islands oil'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Just more Kirchner posturing.
  2. For a fee, not inconsiderable I might add, I can save KFC a lot of bother by telling her that yes, there are hydrocarbon deposits under the seabed in the vicinity of the Falkland Islands. If she wants some, the Falkland Island Government own the rights to extract it, and may sell her a little.

    But only if she asks politely.
  3. Am I having a case of deja-vu? I'm sure I've read that article before. Months ago.
  4. The Belgrano's bunker fuel?
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  5. Why cant we just launch a couple of missiles from a sneaky submarine into her shitty country and get the party started.
  6. I would imagine that the "Oil Company formerly known as Repsol" (YTF) will need to raise a fair amount of capital to set up an offshore drilling operation. Since YTF was seized from its Spanish owners, I would suspect that international investment funds (owned as they are by fat bastards with stars and stripes waistcoats and dollar signs on their top hats) will not be willing to invest. Therefore if you live in Argentina and own a no 22 meccanno set (or bigger) expect it to be confiscated. The plastic moonbat will need it to build her drilling rig!
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  7. I can't see an issue - the Argies keep providing the kit that we need to explore for oil, and we seize it when it's used illegally.

    Then keep it as reparations for '82... much cheaper than buying the stuff ourselves!
  8. Just more Telegraph posturing on behalf of their PTT chums. :wink:
  9. There have been several surveys down there over the years, all with varying results
  10. If only we had a carrier launched STOVL subsonic air superiority fighter - that would show them!
  11. PTT capsized some time ago.

  12. No idea on that one, i just do the surveys , thats for the big bosses
  13. And if only us infantry had a proper calibre for our personal weapons. Something like 7.62 perhaps. Real mans calibre that.