Argentina issues a coin commerating the falklands invasion

Actually this is the sort of behavior you would expect from a pathetic excuse of a government.

27p, An insult to the argies who did die there.


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The Dago cnuts could have least made a bit of an effort and got a Silver Commemorative coin made. If George Lucas can make Silver Coins commemorating R2-D2 or some such shite then the Botoxed one could have pushed the boat out a little bit.
....then the Botoxed one could have pushed the boat out a little bit.
The boat was pushed out. It was sunk. Any further questions?

You have a point, a cheapskate memorial to those Argentinians who served and died.
Just for once, can we please be a bit petty and produce a commemorative Belgrano £2 coin in return?
Could always dust off the old dies and crank out a few thousand of this medallion. It was made by the Germans to celebrate the sinking of the Lusitania, but you could always change the name of the ship to the ARA General Belgrano... ;-) :p Lusitania Medal.JPG
A commerative 50p with the image of the soldier 50p yomping with the union jack would be a tasteful retort.
Although we could just ignore and or jeer them when bored :)
How about the following:

a) Prospect for oil in the Falklands
b) Find it
c) Drill it and sell to anyone who wants it (including the Argies, but at vastly inflated prices)
d) Use the proceeds to make a giant statue of a mooning Para (arse towards Buenos Aries)

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