Argentina...Hague replies to 'Advert' filmed on War Memorial.

Everyone is taking this amaturish attempt at embarassing us far to seriously. It is a joke and as a country we should take it as such and just laugh at them.
Personally, i think it is an epic fail on the argentinians part as the footage of the knob running through streets with all the traditional British iconography, red phone box, pub,road markings etc just makes him look like the interloper that he clearly is.
The more they whine and drip,the more tenuous and hysterical they make their viewpoint seem IMO, notwithstanding the support of arsewipes like sean penn.
It really is a boring & pathetic attempt,

Nothing to see here, please move on...
Just declare Herr Zylberberg 'persona non grata' and watch his face when he rocks up at Heathrow with the rest of the Spic Hockey Team.


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I had heard that AMMM had picked up a new PR contract in Argentina. Didn't believe it until now.


Just declare Herr Zylberberg 'persona non grata' and watch his face when he rocks up at Heathrow with the rest of the Spic Hockey Team.
Quite so and extend the principle to any Jonny Foreigner with whom our athletes cannot successfully compete.
- The FCO, providing consular assistance abroad and for a limited time only, ensuring british athletic victory -
I'd have thought a Youtube vid along the lines of 'Training to compete in Argentina on British soil' showing a couple of Typhoons on the runway at MPA plus the RIC doing some GPMG drills (possibly with the soundtrack of the NP9801 NCO muttering 'F*** off you spic bast'rds' playing along merrily underneath) should do the trick...

(This supposes that something deeply offensive to the Argentines in the manner of 'Is This the Way to Amarillo? 'isn't being put together as a spot of secondary activity by the team down south as I type).

As for the Argentine chap, we should be magnanimous and rather than PNG him, fly him to the UK.

In a Tri*.

That'll teach him.
I also heard argentine [FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Fernando Zylberberg is an Al Qaeda sympathiser and will be carrying plans and equipment on his person when he visits the UK , wonder if Border Control know ? [/FONT]
Y&R did a good job. Better than their ads for zits or piles. The ad looks good. Even the nice, back lit shot of the actor stamping his trainers up and down on the memorial to the dead.

Technically it's a grand piece of work, imho. It does what advertisers are paid to do: lie in as pleasing/ironic/product placing way as they can get away with, within budget.

How it will serve the purposes of the KFC government is beyond me. It looks desperate, despite the hutzpah.

Bottom line is that the Argentinians, whatever you think of them, treat their veterans even more badly than we treat our own. In that context, if no other, it's a shocking waste of money.

How much would you pay to look like a bunch of cocks?

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